Welcome to 2nd Grade!

Hello and welcome to 2nd grade!  I'm so excited to be your child's teacher this year!  I hope this site has the information you're looking for...if not, please feel free to contact me.


Mrs. Michelle Theis 🙂

Classroom/School Rules
1. I will keep my hands, feet, and all other objects to myself.(yellow)
2. I will work quietly and not disturb others. (green)
3. will be kind and respectful to others with my words and actions.(purple)
4. I will raise my hand before speaking or getting out of my seat.(red)
5. I will line up and walk quietly in the hallway. (orange)
6. I will follow directions. (blue)
Monthly Character Traits
August - Be Responsible
September - Be Respectful
October - Be Honest
November - Be Cooperative
December - Be Courteous
January - Have Self-Control
February - Be Trustworthy
March - Be Positive
April - Be Caring
May - Have Integrity