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School Song - "Indian Trail"

The school song is performed at halftime of home basketball games. Chief and Princess Kahok provide a traditional Indian dance. Chief Kahok usually performs with a hoop of fire, although there was time in the 1960s when Chief Kahoks battled another Indian during the song using a shield and a tomahawk. 

"Indian Trail"

We're the Kahoks bold, and we're from dear old Collinsville.
Loyal to our school we fight with all our might and will.
Fight, boys, were all behind your.
We'll cheer you on as you fight to victory, most glorious victory.
Onward to battle, Kahoks, fight for your school and fellow.
Honor and glory shall be yours.
Oh, as those tom-toms beat,
 We clap our hands,
We stamp our feet!
 Shouting out your praise,
Let Kahoks all their voices raise—Hi!
Hip! Hip! Hurray!
Make our foemen play.
 We want a scalp for dear old Collinsville!
On to victory let us wend our way, and let us always say
Our team will win today.
 Fight! Fight! Fight!
Keep the spirit of our Kahoks bold,
 And let our motto be "Clean Victory."
 Rah. Rah. Rah.
Collinsville, we fling our banner high,
 We praise you far and near,
Praise you our Kahoks dear.
Together, here we stand, like warriors of the past,
 To battle for our school until the last.