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Nickname - Kahoks

On October 26, 1926, a request was made in the Chanticleer, the school newspaper, for the students to submit a name for the school's athletic teams. They stated that no prize would be given to the winner, but it would be an honor to be the person to be able to say that he or she named the school's teams. 

A committee composed of coaches and team captains was to select the winning name. Their suggestion was that the name should be the type that would "instill fear in the hearts of the opponent." 

The nickname selection was reported in the November 16, 1926, edition of the Chanticleer

That is a short name but it is full of meaning and will mean more as the years go by, for it is the name that has been selected to grace the Collinsville athletic teams of the future. 

The committee composed of the coaches and captains were greatly disappointed by the fact that only three names were turned in as suggestions. The three, "Panthers", "Yellow-Jackets" and "Scalpers" were cast aside and the committee resorted back to the vicinity history of the past and coined the word "Kahoks". 

Our new name signified the history of years ago, of the Mound Builders whose efforts and works are still traceable, so may the efforts of our teams be something that will live down through time, then again, the Indian is always a good athletic symbol, living as he did, an out-door athletic life, he signifies to us today, speed, courage, cunningness, power and bravery. So, here's to the Kahoks, may they always embody these highly desired characteristics.

The exact person who was responsible for devising the name Kahoks is not known, but it is believed to have been William Ross, the 1926-27 Senior Class President.