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Staff MemberPosition DepartmentEmail AddressWebsite
Staff MemberPosition DepartmentEmail AddressWebsite
Houck, Darrin Assistant Principal Administration Email  
Zobrist, Tiffany Assistant Principal Administration Email  
Jackson, Kimberly Principal Administration Email  
Counts, Todd Custodian Buildings and Grounds   
Fohne, Gene Custodian Buildings and Grounds   
Glastetter, Chris Custodian Buildings and Grounds   
Steiner, Brian Custodian Buildings and Grounds   
Walker, Ed Custodian Buildings and Grounds   
Church, Cynthia Bilingual Translator ELL Department Email  
Ochoa, Adriana  Teacher ELL Department Email  
Beaty, Rhandi Teacher English Department Email Website 
Dettmers, Robert Teacher English Department Email Website 
Jackstadt, Stacey Teacher English Department Email Website 
Juelfs, Becky Teacher English Department Email Website 
Reeves, Jennifer Teacher English Department Email  
Rowland, Jennifer Teacher English Department Email Website 
Schaffer, Mary Lynn Teacher English Department Email Website 
Smithson, David Teacher English Department Email Website 
Alexander, Michael Teacher Expo Department Email  
Ellington, Patricia Teacher Expo Department Email  
McDonald, Chris Teacher Expo Department Email  
Papachrisanthou, Sherry  Teacher Expo Department Emai Website 
Peck, Jennifer Teacher Expo Department Email Website 
Pysz, Kevin Teacher Expo Department Email Website 
Simon, Patricia Teacher Expo Department Email  
Wolff, Anne Teacher Expo Department Email  
Chiarottino, Pam Secretary  Main Office Email  
Griffin, Angelia Secretary Main Office Email  
Parkinson, Nancy Secretary Main Office Email  
Foster, Tajanika Teacher Math Department Email Website 
Goeken, Joyle Teacher Math Department Email Website 
Griffitts, Amanda Teacher Math Department Email Website 
Haerr, Brian Teacher Math Department Email Website 
Hogue, Tamarah Teacher Math Department Email  
Louden, Kelli Teacher Math Department Email Website 
Schmittling, Jessica Teacher Math Department Email Website 
Hayman, Michael Media Specialist Media Department Email  
Way, Christy Health Aide Nurses Office Email  
Prior, Regina Nurse Nurses Office Email  
Altenberger, Dianna Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals Email  
Arnold, Linda Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals Email  
Bancroft, Elizabeth Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals Email  
Ferrero, Carol Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals Email  
Hopkins, Marsha Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals Email  
Howard, Bradi Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals Email  
Mayer, Terri Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals Email  
Mills, Aimee Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals Email  
Peak, Jo Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals Email  
Pfalzgraf, Rachel Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals Email  
Rodgers, Martha Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals Email  
Schmidt, Carol Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals Email  
Bigley, Amanda Teacher PE Department Email Website 
Burgess, Chad Teacher PE Department Email Website 
Kincaid, Dustin Teacher PE Department Email Website 
King, Thomas Teacher PE Department Email Website 
Kirk, Doug Teacher PE Department Email Website 
McGinnis, Angie Teacher PE Department Email Website 
Sidwell, Ryan Teacher PE Department Email Website 
Stewart, Eric Teacher PE Department Email Website 
Baer, Jill Teacher Science Department Email Website 
Blunt, Matt Teacher Science Department Email  
Holland, Dennis Teacher Science Department Email Website 
Lafikes, Diane Teacher Science Department Email Website 
Pyatt, Allison Teacher Science Department Email Website 
Sodam, Kim Teacher Science Department Email Website 
Stuart, Robert Building & Grounds Monitor Security Email  
Gonzalez, Mayra Hall Monitor Security Email  
Brightwell, Harlan ISS Supervisor Security Email  
Terveer, Mark Officer Student Resource Officer Security Email  
Corey, Zach Teacher Social Studies Department Email  
Elvers, Tobey Teacher Social Studies Department Email Website 
Goodson, Marsha Teacher Social Studies Department Email  
Hulliung, Denise Teacher Social Studies Department Email Website 
Jones, Leah Teacher Social Studies Department Email Website 
Jones, Shane Teacher Social Studies Department Email Website 
Larson, Dana Teacher Social Studies Department Email Website 
Walters, Kim Teacher Social Studies Department Email Website 
Juelfs, David Social Worker Special Education Department Email  
Wohlrab, Jana Special Education Coordinator Special Education Department Email  
Barger, Jamie Teacher Special Education Department Email Website 
Donahue, David Teacher Special Education Department Email  
Eschmann, Amy Teacher Special Education Department Email  
Hamilton, Tracy Teacher Special Education Department Email  
Hendricks, Brianna Teacher Special Education Department Email Website 
Kalous, Karen Teacher Special Education Department Email Website 
Kirkbride, Brandi Teacher Special Education Department Email Website 
Linder, Loraine Teacher Special Education Department Email  
McGinnis, Joseph Teacher Special Education Department Email  
Pape, Scott Teacher Special Education Department Email  
Reeves, Jennifer Teacher Special Education Department Email  
Swift, Laura Teacher Special Education Department Email Website 
Wafler, Melody Teacher Special Education Department Email  
Weeks, Christine Teacher Special Education Department Email Website 
Avery, Jodie Computer Support Technology Email  
James, Joey Computer Support Technology Email  
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