Social Workers

Students at Collinsville Middle School receive a high level of support services from our outstanding staff. Collinsville Middle School has two social workers that link families with community agencies and providing crisis intervention.

Our social workers:
  • Participate as members of the School Student Assistance Team
  • Contact parents to complete the Social Development Study (SDS) and share this information 
  • with our school staff to help determine eligibility and services for the students
  • Implement social work services on a students Individual Educational Plan (IEP)
  • Implement school-wide curriculum based programs on violence prevention, mentoring, social skills,
  • anger management, self esteem, and more
  • Facilitate presentations in the classroom based on school needs, including sexual harassment, bullying, 
  • rumors, anger management, peer relationships, and more
  • Participate in parent conferences at request
  • Report mandated incidents involving students
  • Facilitate communication with parents through home visits