Blazer Athletics

Athletic Department Information

Thank you for your interest in the Collinsville Middle School Sports Page. Our nickname at Collinsville Middle School is the Trail Blazers and the school has an enrollment of over 940 students each school year. Student/Athletes may participate in a variety of sports during their two-year tenure at Collinsville Middle School. Sports are divided into a 3 separate seasons – held respectively in the Fall, Winter and Spring.

Collinsville Middle School is a member of the Southern Illinois Junior High School Athletic Association as well as the Tri-County Athletic Conference. The Association and Conference by-laws, rules, and regulations govern Collinsville Middle School’s athletic program..
We are quite proud of our tradition of success in athletics. The tradition of excellence started with North Junior High School and transferred to the current Collinsville Middle School. Our athletics have always been competitive and have won many Regional Tournaments and attended many state competitions with Track (2009), Boys & Girls Bowling (2013) and Girls Basketball (2013) winning State Championships. Our philosophy, though, is not merely on winning. Collinsville Middle School believes that the athletic program is to create, promote, and sustain an environment in which each participant is challenged and supported in the pursuit of personal growth. We, too, believe that sports should play an integral role in a student’s overall education. Our teams and coaches have high expectations for our student/athletes and we work diligently to create that environment which stresses those attributes.

The most important part of middle school is education. Students must meet and maintain certain academic and behavior standards to compete. Students must pass all classes to participate. Individual coaches may put higher demands on their athletes in order to compete. Each student athlete’s academic progress is monitored thorough the season. Teachers submit grades bi-weekly to monitor academic eligibility..

Physical examinations are mandatory if a student/athlete makes a competitive team. We make every effort to secure a healthy environment for our students to participate in.

To participate in an extracurricular activity at CMS, each student-athlete will be charged $75 per sport per school year. This fee is charged to cover athletic expenses such as transportation, equipment, game expenses, and all costs associated with providing an individual sport at CMS.