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Staff MemberPositionDepartmentEmail AddressWebsite
Staff MemberPositionDepartmentEmail AddressWebsite
Smith, Clay Assistant Athletic Director Administration Email  
Brown, Stevie Mr. Assistant Principal Administration  Email  
Fisher, Charlotte Ms. Assistant Principal Administration Email  
Toberman, Dan Assistant Principal Administration Email  
Blackard, Tricia Dr. Assistant Principal / CAVC Director Administration Email  
Lee, Darin Mr. Athletic Director Administration Email  
Cruise, Carla Bilingual Director Administration Email  
Snider, David G. Mr. Principal Administration Email  
Baugher, Amanda Athletic Trainer Athletic Department Email  
Harmon, JanMarie Office Staff Attendance Office Email  
Arnold, Jeri Teacher Business Department  Email Website 
Dimitroff, Dawn Teacher Business Department  Email  
Fuhrhop, Vicki Teacher Business Department  Email Website 
Kolda, Cynthia Teacher Business Department  Email  
Ponce, Kelli Teacher Business Department  Email  
Reed, Emily Teacher Business Department  Email Website 
Gray, Shirley CAVC Secretary CAVC Office Email  
Fedorchak, Micki Social Worker Counseling Deparment Email  
Knutson, Cheryl Counseling Office Secretary & Registrar Counseling Department Email  
Kee, TaRael Counselor for Students A-D Counseling Department Email  
Elliff, Carla Counselor for Students E-K Counseling Department Email  
Olsen, Karen Counselor for Students L-Q Counseling Department Email  
Corey, Jason Counselor for Students R-Z Counseling Department Email  
Glynn, Tara IEP Coordination Counseling Department Email  
Schwierjohn, Brent Psychologist Counseling Department Email  
Trapp, Kristin Social Worker Counseling Department Email  
Reese, Jenille Teacher ELL Email  
York, Kyle Teacher Ell Department Email  
Biondi, Stephanie Teacher English Department  Email Website 
Carroll, Alice Teacher English Department  Email  
Chambliss, Talisha Teacher English Department Email  
Detering, Kim Teacher English Department Email Website 
Iler, Lauren Teacher English Department Email  
Kemp, Ryan Teacher English Department Email Website 
Knebel, Katrina Teacher English Department Email  
Lewis, Dawn Teacher English Department Email Website 
Martens, Cheryl Teacher English Department Email Website 
Mueth, Michelle Teacher English Department Email  
Neuber, Darrin Teacher English Department Email  
Pinney, Caitlin Teacher English Department Email  
Voelkel, Danielle Teacher English Department Email  
Westphal, Kristin Teacher English Department Email Website 
White, Brett Teacher English Department Email  
Fedder, Mary Teacher Family Consumer Science Department Email  
Geppert, Shawn Teacher Family Consumer Science Department Email  
Modeer, Sheryll Teacher Family Consumer Science Department Email  
Moore, Kristie Teacher Family Consumer Science Department Email  
Perry, Akiya Teacher Family Consumer Science Department Email  
Seibel, Michael Teacher Family Consumer Science Department Email  
Thomas, Jeanie Teacher Family Consumer Science Department Email  
Wachtman, Rebecca Teacher Family Consumer Science Department Email  
Wegener, Kristin Teacher Family Consumer Science Department Email  
Cleveland, Lisa Teacher Fine Arts Department Email  
Dodson, Rosemary Teacher Fine Arts Department Email Website 
Houshmand, Emma Teacher Fine Arts Department Email  
Stack, Ryan Teacher Fine Arts Department Email  
Wright, Robert Teacher Fine Arts Department Email Website 
Barr, Terrie Teacher Foreign Language Department Email  
Blair, Kristine Teacher Foreign Language Department Email  
Capellmann, Gabriele Teacher Foreign Language Department Email  
Harres, Krysten Teacher Foreign Language Department Email Website 
Kettler, Cara Teacher Foreign Language Department Email Website 
Romoser, Shelly Teacher Foreign Language Department Email Website 
Russell, Amy Teacher Foreign Language Department Email Website 
Stark, James Teacher Foreign Language Department Email  
Anderson, Mark Teacher Industrial Technology Department Email  
Bednara, Cindy Teacher Industrial Technology Department Email  
Cann, Justin Teacher Industrial Technology Department Email  
Hankins, Kathy Teacher Industrial Technology Department Email  
Kosberg, Andy Teacher Industrial Technology Department Email Website 
Schuster, Aaron Teacher Industrial Technology Department Email  
Welch, Alan Teacher Industrial Technology Department Email  
Schemerhorn, Karen Secretary for the Main Office - Parking Main Office Email  
Verning, Kathy Secretary to Assistant Principals - Bookroom Main Office Email  
Bozeman, Patti Secretary to the Principal Main Office Email  
Blair, Adam Teacher Math Department Email  
Glynn, Christopher Teacher Math Department Email Website 
Gottschalk, William Teacher Math Department Email Website 
Hunter, Seegers Teacher Math Department Email  
Liljegren, Mike Teacher Math Department Email  
McCoy, Mary Teacher Math Department Email  
Nichols, Michael Teacher Math Department Email  
Nowak, Donald Teacher Math Department Email  
Schmidt, Catherine Teacher Math Department Email  
Sleeper, Ryan Teacher Math Department Email  
Swartz, Beth Ann Teacher Math Department Email  
Tayloe, Brad Teacher Math Department Email  
Tesdall, Cindy Teacher Math Department Email Website 
Thompson, Sarah Teacher Math Department Email Website 
Trapp, Pete Teacher Math Department Email  
Warnecke, Ryan Teacher Math Department Email  
Gerstenecker, Nancy Assistant Librarian Media Center Email  
Wiegand, Mary Lou Assistant Librarian Media Center Email  
Schmidt, Tracey Librarian Media Center Email  
Weigland, Mary Lou Testing/Tutorial Coordinator Media Center Email  
Gorka-Smith, Kimberly Health Aide Nurses Office Email  
Kimbrell, Angie Nurse Nurses Office Email  
Hill, Karen Assistant Attendance Secretary Office Staff Email  
Simpson, Shelley Assistant Counseling Office Secretary & Registrar Office Staff Email  
Harmon, Jan Attendance Secretary Office Staff Email  
Gramaglia, Claudia  Bilingual Translator Office Staff Email  
Hamilton, Suzanne ISS Supervisor Office Staff Email  
Baquet, Carmen  Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals Email  
Bohnenstiehl, Samantha Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals Email  
Ferrero, Kim Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals Email  
Johnson, Anita Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals Email  
Maillicoat, Gaberielle Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals Email  
McNutt, Arlene Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals Email  
Rutherford, Laura Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals Email  
Tieman, Holly Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals Email  
Bancroft, Beth Paraprofessionals Paraprofessionals Email  
Hardin, Sherri Paraprofessionals Paraprofessionals Email  
Henderson, Ta-Tanisha Paraprofessionals Paraprofessionals Email  
Humphreys, Tracy Paraprofessionals Paraprofessionals Email  
Kelly, Joanna Paraprofessionals Paraprofessionals Email  
Marchetti, Katherine Paraprofessionals Paraprofessionals Email  
Anderson, Eric Teacher PE, Health, & Drivers Education Departments Email Website 
Bilyeu, Zach Teacher PE, Health, & Drivers Education Departments Email Website 
Blaha, Tom Teacher PE, Health, & Drivers Education Departments Email Website 
Curry, Brian Teacher PE, Health, & Drivers Education Departments Email Website 
Frerker, Darryl Teacher PE, Health, & Drivers Education Departments Email Website 
Gresh, Cara Teacher PE, Health, & Drivers Education Departments Email Website 
Gresh, Steve Teacher PE, Health, & Drivers Education Departments Email Website 
Gruber - Huster, Diana Teacher PE, Health, & Drivers Education Departments Email Website 
Hollingshead, Frank Teacher PE, Health, & Drivers Education Departments Email  
Lobb, Kimberley Teacher PE, Health, & Drivers Education Departments Email Website 
Reinhart, Rick Teacher PE, Health, & Drivers Education Departments Email Website 
Smith, Yvonne Teacher PE, Health, & Drivers Education Departments Email Website 
Cashen - White, Kathleen Teacher Science Department  Email  
Daugherty, Eryn Teacher Science Department Email Website 
Demick, Michelle Teacher Science Department Email  
Gloria, Linda Teacher Science Department Email Website 
Hay, Sean Teacher Science Department Email  
Hylton, Ralph II Teacher Science Department Email  
Kloustermeyer, Ashley Teacher Science Department Email Website 
Mcllvoy, Brenna Teacher Science Department Email  
Reich, Amy Teacher Science Department Email  
Schweppe, Stephanie Teacher Science Department Email  
Seegers, Hunter Teacher Science Department Email  
Szpila, Pat Teacher Science Department Email  
Varner, Cheryl Teacher Science Department Email  
Withee, Thomas Teacher Science Department Email Website 
Carpenter, Robert Security Director Security Email  
Reichert, Michael Officer Student Resource Officer Security Email  
Blackard, Scott Truancy Officer Security Email  
Ashby, Ryan Teacher Social Studies Department Email  
Geisen, Toni Teacher Social Studies Department Email Website 
Kibler, Jennifer Teacher Social Studies Department Email  
Lindauer, Barb Teacher Social Studies Department Email  
Noeth, Mary Sue Teacher Social Studies Department Email  
Plagemann, Tracey Teacher Social Studies Department Email Website 
Randall, Scott Teacher Social Studies Department Email  
Schusky, Mark Teacher Social Studies Department Email Website 
Sopiars, Jacob Teacher Social Studies Department Email  
White, James Teacher Social Studies Department Email  
Gordon, Kyle Teacher Social Studies Department - Student Council Email  
Bossetto, Lisa Teacher Special Education Department Email  
Burgess, Wes Teacher Special Education Department Email  
Cary, Terri Teacher Special Education Department Email  
Collins, Chris Teacher Special Education Department Email Website 
Cook, Tracy Teacher Special Education Department Email  
Cox, Taylor Teacher Special Education Department Email  
Flanigan, Heather Teacher Special Education Department Email  
Furlow, Alicia Teacher Special Education Department Email  
Gattuso, Rachel Teacher Special Education Department Email Website 
Hartle, Stacy Teacher Special Education Department Email Website 
Kulupka, Catherine Teacher Special Education Department Email  
Lugge, Robert Teacher Special Education Department Email  
McGinnis, Sarah Teacher Special Education Department Email  
Moore, Colin Teacher Special Education Department Email  
Parris, Nicole Teacher Special Education Department Email Website 
Post, Jacob Teacher Special Education Department Email  
Schneider, Steve Teacher Special Education Department Email  
Stapleton, Adria Teacher Special Education Department Email  
Vermeiren, Lynn Teacher Special Education Department Email  
White, Nicole Teacher Special Education Department Email  
Dick, Caleb Assistant Network Supervisor Technology Email  
Nicholl, Ellen Teacher Vision Impaired Email  
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