CHS Security

Officer Mike Reichert
Location: CHS 

Security Director 
Robert Carpenter
Location: CHS
Phone: 618-346-6341

Truancy Officer 
Donald Scott Blackard 
Location: CHS
Phone: 618-346-6341

Collinsville Police Department
200 W Clay St

From The Desk of The SRO

From the Collinsville Police Department

Dear Parents:

In order to provide the highest levels of security for students, faculty and staff, the Collinsville Police Department has established a security plan in cooperation with Collinsville Unit 10 and other Public Safety Agencies that may respond to the secondary campus in case of an emergency. In most situations other than a fire or immediate need to evacuate a building, all campus buildings will be locked down in order to make sure that students are safe and accounted for. All students will be moved to locations as necessary under the close supervision of school officials and public safety personnel.

The school will not be accessible to anyone other than public safety personnel and equipment, and roads leading to the main campus will be blocked prohibiting non-emergency traffic.

While we are aware that this may cause concern for parents, we ask for your support in allowing the public safety agencies and school officials to do their emergency tasks with due diligence and without disruption. In order to do this we ask that you DO NOT CALL the school or DO NOT COME TO THE CAMPUS. School officials will make provisions through news media to pass along information in an informative and timely manner. Please understand that this plan has been put together with the safety of all concerned in mind and is the result of planning, training and lessons learned from actual emergencies.

In addition, please be advised that the following items are PROHIBITED on school property (by students, staff and visitors alike:

1. Tobacco
2. Alcohol
3. Narcotics
4. Firearms
5. Edged weapons
6. Unauthorized Persons

All vehicles, persons and containers that are on school property are subject to search.

The Collinsville Police Department and all Public Safety Agencies, in cooperation with Collinsville Unit 10, thank you for your understanding and cooperation in these matters of extreme importance.

Officer Terry Wasser
School Resource Officer
Collinsville Police Department

From The Desk of The Security Director

Please be aware regularly scheduled safety drills are held at each campus.  These include crisis lock-downs, tornado/weather drills, as well as fire drills, in order to maintain your child/students safety.

Collinsville High School currently boasts a large security camera system including infrared, PTZ, and stationary cameras. This system will provides an “additional tool” in maintaining a safer school environment to CHS students.