Web and Graphic Design


This course will enhance student skills in creating well designed Web pages. The course emphasis is on learning the Adobe Creative Suite 6, with the most weight placed on Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Adobe Flash. Students will learn how to scan, create, modify and reproduce photographs, artwork, and printed advertising pieces. Students will learn how to deal with all types of graphics and prepare them for print or Web applications. Students will be exposed to techniques and skills to prepare them for employment as a photo retouch artist, or graphic designer. Students will learn how to create Websites and use HTML and CSS markup languages. Students will also use Flash to create graphic animations, developing buttons and menus, designing Flash Web pages, sustaining a viable website and providing user interactive Web pages. Course curriculum will cover Flash User Interface, using layers and timeline, Flash objects, sound/video, Action Script Environment, debugging and using HTML. After taking this class, students will have a good understanding of Flash design, development, interactivity, usability and how to create a user-friendly web experience. 

Dual Credit through SWIC:

 CIS 172- 3 credits, CIS 173- 3 credits and CIS 174- 3 credits.

What to expect:
Students will work primarily on computers to design graphics and develop web-pages for specific purposes. Web and Graphic Design students need excellent problem solving skills and a sound understanding of mathematical principles. They should be able to read and understand manuals and be able to proofread documents.

Employable Skills:
Graphic Editing and Design 
Study of Desktop Publishing 
Introduction to Graphic Animation
Study of Web Site Design 
Study of HTML
Study of CSS Applications of Popular Software 
Digital Photography 
Study of Internet Applications

Career Opportunities and Job Titles:
Entry-level after high school graduation and Collinsville Area Vocational Center training:
  • Web Designer
  • Desktop Publisher
Entry-level after Junior College Program leading to an Associated Degree or Certificate Program:
  • Web Master
  • Desktop Publisher
  • Web Developer
  • Microcomputer Support Specialist
  • Computer Maintenance Technician
Entry-level after Baccalaureate Degree:
  • System Analyst
  • Programmer
  • Technical Research and Development of Computers
  • Computer Software Engineer
  • Computer Teacher