Criminal Justice

This course is an introductory course which prepares students to enter the field of law enforcement in any related area. The study includes the criminal justice system and its major components. The criminal justice process includes history, philosophy and current practice in the administration of justice in a democratic society. This course will also examine the history, current status, and trends in the police field operations. A critical review of research on police effectiveness, deployment of personnel and delivery of services is accomplished. Police integrity standards and hard choice issues concerning police discretion, legality, and morality in police methods are delineated.

Dual Credit through SWIC:
AOJ 100—Introduction to Administrative Justice 3 credit hours
AOJ 151—Policing: Methods and Ethics 3 credit hours
AOJ 155—Community Policing 3 credit hours
AOJ 103 —Introduction to Corrections 3 credit hours

What to expect:
Students should be prepared to explore all aspects of law enforcement. Students will work collaboratively to master all cognitive and physical attributes needed to become a law enforcement official.

Employable Skills:
  • Work well with the public, and think logically in a crisis situation
  • Working independently as part of a team
  • Show honesty, good judgment, and a sense of responsibility
  • Enjoy working with and helping the public
  • Use of effective oral and written communication skills
Career Opportunities and Job Titles:
Entry-level after high school graduation and Collinsville Area Vocational Center training:
  • Civilian Police Cadets/Explorer
  • Police Station Clerical Worker
  • Auxiliary Police Worker
  • Security Guard
Entry-level after Junior College Program leading to an Associate Degree or Certificate Program:
  • Correction Officer
  • Police Officer
  • Sheriff
DispatcherEntry-level after Baccalaureate Degree:
  • Police Chief
  • Detective
  • Police Investigator
  • Secret Service Agent
  • FBI Agent
  • IRS Special Agent
  • Crime Scene Investigator