Early Childhood Education

This course is designed to train students as child care workers and to prepare them to further their education as a pre-school, early childhood or elementary teacher. This course will involve the total development (social, physical, emotional and intellectual) of the child. Students study nutrition and meal preparation, behavior management, the exceptional child and child care employment opportunities. Students will gain management and supervisory skills, while assisting in the planning and operation of the nursery/preschool. 

Dual Credit with SWIC:

ECE 110 - 3 credits
ECE 114 - 3 credits

What to Expect:
In the first year of the program, students learn how to prepare lesson plans and expected behaviors of preschool aged children.Students learn how to lesson plan and run the preschool with different centers such as: sensory, math, science, drama, easel, computers, blocks, and art. In the preschool, Mrs. Geppert or Ms. Perry conduct all the circles at first. But by 2nd quarter, students will be reading to the children and preparing lesson plans for circle time. By the end of the year the high school students are conducting circles alone. Some other chapters covered are state licensing requirements, types of pro-grams, and child abuse is discussed.

In the second year of the program, students set up the preschool and learn about handling parent teacher conferences, assessing children, special needs, theorists, etc. In the preschool, second year students are role models for first year, helping them understand how to manage the preschool. During the second quarter the second year students are eligible to leave to an area elementary school to student teach their choice of Kindergarten through fourth grade. Second year also plans the yearly events such as: the Circus, Olympics, Graduation, field trips and classroom visitors.

Employable Skills:
  • Communication skills
  • Human relations
  • Understanding of developmental milestones of toddlers and preschool age children
  • Lesson plan construction
  • Supervision skills
  • Career exploration in the field
  • State guidelines and laws associated with the child care field
  • Nutrition

Career Opportunities and Job Titles:
  • Day Care Assistant
  • Home Day Care Provider
  • Nanny
  • Au Pair
  • Babysitter
  • Nursery School Aid
Entry-level after Junior College Program leading to an Associate Degree or Certificate Program
  • Day Care Worker
  • Nursery School Teacher
  • Preschool Teacher

Entry-level after Baccalaureate Degree:

  • Teacher
  • Preschool Director
  • Social Worker (with M.S.)
  • Counselor (with M.S.)