Auto Mechanics

Do you like to work with your hands? Do you want to learn how everything works? Do you like lots of tools? If so this class is for you. This class will cover the introduction to the automotive industry. First, the class will cover introductory levels beginning with shop safety practices and automotive tool use. The students will learn all maintenance aspects of modern vehicles. The cars we work on are school cars, student cars, student friend’s cars. Brakes, suspension, steering and alignment will be the first systems covered. Next, the students are required to disassemble an engine completely. Students will inspect the engine, measure with precision tools and machine as needed. When the engine is assembled the fuel and ignition systems will be installed and the engine is test ran on a stand. The students will learn all procedures involving an engine re-build. They will be able to apply their skills to diagnose engine problems. Automotive Maintenance Technology 2 will bring all prior learned knowledge together turning it into diagnostic skills. Electrical systems will be covered, including advanced fuel, ignition and computer systems. Many faults are installed in school cars and the students will diagnose these problems. Transmissions, four wheel drive and differentials will be covered next. Students will also learn the business part of the automotive industry including billing and customer service.


This program is articulated with Lewis and Clark Junior College and Rankin Technical College

Dual Credit with SWIC:

ACRT 141 - Steering and Suspension

What to Expect:

Students should expect a hands-on environment working on vehicles. Labs are designed to replace real world automotive problems.

Employable Skills:
  • Understand and perform all maintenance tasks on a modern automobile
  • Students will be proficient in brake system repair
  • Suspension, steering service and computerized wheel alignment
  • Repair all makes of engines, students will disassemble, measure, inspect, and live run a engine when finished
  • Overhaul of automatic and manual transmission
  • Complete coverage of advanced electrical and computer controls
  • Heating and air conditioning service
Career Opportunities and Job Titles:
Entry-level after high school graduation and Collinsville Area Vocational Center training:
  • Entry level Technician at dealership or independent shop
  • Tire service center
  • Quick maintenance facility
  • Auto parts store

Entry-level after Junior College Program leading to an Associate Degree or Certificate Program
  • Shop owner
  • Custom work/High performance or racing shop
  • Automotive Technician
  • Tire Service Center
  • Shop Owner
  • Sales Person
  • Service Writer
  • Service manager

Entry-level after Baccalaureate Degree:
  • Automotive Engineer
  • Automotive Designer
  • Automotive Educator
  • Corporate Employee