Auto Body Repair

This course provides training in refinishing automobile bodies, including realignment of the chassis, reconstruction of components and repainting to restore vehicles to their original condition. Students will be instructed in the fundamental aspects to auto body repair methods and techniques. Instruction will emphasize safety principles and practices, auto body nomenclature, function of individual components, the use of part of plastic/glass fillers and special body repair tools, refinishing problems and paint preparation procedures. Practical activities should relate to removing and installing body panels, trim and glass. Students learn to prime the area to be painted and prepare the surface for final paint application. These activities and skills will be related to fiberglass, metal, or urethane components.

Dual Credit through SWIC:

ACRT 111 Non Structural Repair - 5 credit hours
ACRT 131 Auto Refinishing - 4 credit hours
ACRT 141 Steering and Suspension - 
More pending for 2nd year of program

What to expect:

Students will apply removal and repair techniques to multiple vehicle makes and models. Students should expect to work in the shop area with all equipment and chemicals utilized in the field.

Employable Skills:
  •     Analyze vehicle damage
  •     Repair damage
  •     Paint vehicles
  •     MIG welding
  •     Repair plastic and adhesives
  •     Use state-of-the art auto body repair equipment

Career Opportunities and Job Titles:
Entry-level after high school graduation and Collinsville Area Vocational Center training:
  • Sander and Masker
  • Painters Apprentice
  • Body Man Apprentice
  • Automotive Glass
Entry-level after Junior College Program leading to an Associate Degree or Certificate Program: 
  • Painter
  • Paint Representative
  • Body Repair Technician
  • Frame Man
  • Insurance Adjuster or Estimator
Entry-level after Baccalaureate Degree:
  • Shop Owner
  • Auto Collision Instructor