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Mike Lorance & B.J. Meeks

posted Oct 4, 2016, 7:21 AM by Darryl Curtis
Mike Lorance is owner/operator of Cherry Springs Nursery. He is the son of Arthur and Irene Lorance. He is married to Joanna, who is a retired teacher at Centertown Elementary. They have two children, Morgan and Micah. They attend Centertown United Methodist Church. Mike is the president of the Laity for the Methodist Churches. Mike Loves to sing, and B.J. says he is a dancing fool.

Born a coal miner’s daughter from Grundy County, with two sisters (Mary Hillis of McMinnville & Christine Price of Tracy City) and one brother (Curley Mitchell Meeks of Monteagle), BJ is blessed with many nieces and nephews.

B.J. is a retired educator, coach and a former Tennessee State Trooper.
Her life revolves around her church, Centertown United Methodist. It is a very active church, with a free food Program, Bus Ministry, Jail Ministry, Food pantry & Two Mission teams (Guatamala and Native American). The Church also has Committees for everything and everyone. They have a growing choir, Sunday school classes for all ages and love to help people.

B.J.'s home life consists of pets which are all adopted (except the Schnauzer), seven dogs and seven cats.

Ms. Meeks wanted to do “Dancing with Our Stars” for her mother Kathleen Meeks, who loved to dance and many other close friends and mentors who have had cancer and those that are still fighting the battle everyday.

Tonight Mike and B.J. are dancing to You Need a Man Around Here by Brad Paisley.