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Dr. Cheryl Hitchcock & Jamie Hitchcock

posted Oct 4, 2016, 7:34 AM by Darryl Curtis
Non-Competing Contestants

This mother-daughter team is going to thrill you and stomp you.

Cheryl graduated Warren County High School in 1976. 

She has a doctorate from TTU in Exceptional Learning and is a professor at MTSU in the Department of Elementary & Special ED. 

Cher's motto in life, and especially for her dance tonight, is - 
  • "It is what it is".

Jamie was born in 1982. 

In her 29 years, she has not accomplished much of anything, but she enjoys her inactivity and mid-day TV programs including the recently added "The Chew" on ABC. 

She will be dancing to "Eastbound and Down" as a tribute to the hours spent watching smokey and the Bandit. 
  • Go Burt Reynolds!  <<emcee exclaims>>

Song: East Bound & Down