Vivian Faith Prescott

Weatherization Assistance Program

With a chainsaw he cuts a five foot hole in our house at 1:00 a.m.

to install a new energy efficient glass-sliding door.

     It is difficult to measure the impacts of energy efficiency

     programs on homes that use bulk fuel.

An hour later he gives up, puts plastic across the hole.

We sleep in hats, jeans, our flannel shirts, children in our bed.

            Non-energy benefits will also be estimated.

February wind and rain pelts the plastic all night long.

The wind blows his beer cans across the linoleum.

Energy-related health and safety hazards associated with       

    weatherization activities may be remedied.

In the morning the furnace is out, our oil tank empty. He swears,

hits his fist on the wall. Time to crank-up the woodstove.

            Client education is a key component of any effective

            Weatherization Program.

He sends our five-year-old out to the woodpile. She packs in

a few chunks that she's wrenched free from the frozen stack

of wood. He smacks her upside the head for being slow.

            Activities are intended to maintain or increase the efficiency,

            quality and effectiveness of the Weatherization Program at all levels.


Vivian Faith Prescott is a fifth generation Alaskan living in Sitka and Kodiak, Alaska. Her poems have appeared recently in MudJobCirqueYellow Medicine Review and Ithaca Lit. Her poetry chapbook Slick is online at White Knuckle Press and her first collection of poems The Hide of MyTongue will be published by Plain View Press in the spring of 2012.
is now publishing poetry and prose
inspired by these, uh, "tough economic times."  

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