Aiding Amelia

8.19.10 - 8.20.10 Update - Amelia & Drea

Amelia has arrived at Pug Village and is doing incredibly well.  She is getting along with all of her foster siblings and doesn't bat an eye when she gets her 2x/day insulin shots.  She seems to be pain free considering the surgery she just had and she slept soundly through the night.

She needs to lose a lot of weight and right now she is on an Rx food but we are greatly reducing the amount.  Since she just had surgery, we are avoiding walks and exercise but she gets plenty of time to roam with the other pugs on the deck outside.

Hopefully on her new diet, Amelia may not even be diabetic for life!  Thank you EVERYONE who helped get Amelia safe into Curly Care where she will never need for anything again!
  We will continue to post updates & pics regarding Amelia's progress on her very own page:  Aiding Amelia.  This page can also be found under the sidebar Curly Current Cases to the left of our homepage.

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8/17/10 Update @ 3.30pm - Surgery a Success!!!!!
Amelia's come out of surgery and it was a success.  The doctor's at CVC said she had the loveliest disposition and is so happy we saved her.  He also said that her problem had been going on for quite some time as he removed well over 80 stones from her bladder....he stopped counting at that point b/c the amout of stones was just so high.

There is of course a curve ball we were not expecting.....
It turns out that Amelia is also diabetic.  One condition has nothing to do with the other.  She is quite overweight and we are not sure if her diabetes is a permanent problem but it is definitely going on right now.  She will require weekly blood tests, a prescription food, diastix urine testing 2x/day + insulin shots.

What was done today at CVC was:
  • Routine blood work
  • Urinalysis
  • X-rays
  • Surgery to remove her 80+ bladder stones
  • Biopsy of bladder taken and sent out to lab for testing
  • Sample of stone sent out for testing to determine Rx diet moving forward
  • Brought UTD with all of her vaccinations
  • Tested for Heartworm
  • Fecal Test for parasites
  • Provided with insulin injection
  • Provided with post-op antibiotics
This of course also changes the cost for providing the above care for Amelia.  Our cost (after our rescue discount) for the above items is presently at $1885.  This does not include the cost for her insulin, needles, diatix & Rx moving forward into foster care.

8/17/10 Update - This has been our fastest Chip In Goal Achievement to DATE!!!!
THANK YOU to all of the amazing support that came in for Amelia!!  We raised the goal to get her the surgery she needs and her basic vaccinations in 10 hours from posting her story. 
Amelia is safe in Curly Care.  Pug Angel, Alan, was able to pick her up from her surrendering owner last night and brought her directly to our vet's office in NYC, the Center for Veterinary Care.  She has been given the medications she needs to keep her pain free until her surgery.  She will be having the surgery to remove the incredible amount of stones in her bladder either today or tomorrow.  As always, we will keep you posted on the success of her surgery and progress to follow.

Alan, Curly Supporters & the pug people of PoLI have been simply amazing in this miracle rescue.

8/16/10 Urgent call for help came in yesterday!!

Curly Tail received an urgent call yesterday about a little pug named Amelia.

Amelia has been suffering from a bladder FULL of stones.
Her owner has brought her to the vet several times but cannot afford surgery.  She is in pain and needs help NOW.

A pug angel named Alan of the PoLI group heard of Amelia's plight and very close risk of being PTS. He has stepped up to transport Amelia directly to Curly's vet office, CVC, in NYC today!

We are getting Amelia in and ready for surgery, hopefully as soon as tomorrow!

Amelia's surgery alone will cost us over $1200.   She will need follow up care and prescription food.  She also needs to be brought UTD on her basic vetting such as her vaccinations, heartworm and fecal testing.

THANK YOU to Alan and all the pug angels that are working so hard to get Amelia the love & care she needs!  
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