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0006 Loch Green

0006 Loch Green; Troon; Ayrshire.

Now drained; it lay to the east of the main road just south of Monkland.  OS 6 in. 2nd ed. 1897; 1911 and 1938.; show large irregular curling pond and perhaps CH. Also known as Reed Loch; Monkton v. Troon a friendly game on Reed Loch. 1861; 10 Jan.; 1861; Ayr Advertiser. Perhaps also Fullarton House Pond; Troon; Ayrshire; match Troon Portland v Ayr Albert; 1862; 9 Jan.; Ayr Advertiser. 

Also referred to as Portland Pond, AA 28 Jan. 1848; Formed September 1845, Troon minutes, print of regulations bound in;

Map reproduced with the permission of The National Library of Scotland  [ ]

Loch Green 2012   Looking North-west.  The uncultivated area marks the site of the pond:

                                                Photo - Ian Mackin