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Project at a Glance:

The RiverBot project is a community-supported effort with a STEM component.
We are designing and building a mid-sized submersible capable of carrying out science and exploration missions in the Indian River Lagoon in support of the scientific and academic communities interested in the Lagoon's well-being.
The design and software will be open source.
  • The team will design and publish a sensor electromechanical interface.
  • The team will design and publish a sensor software interface.
  • The tea will publish a science mission how-to guide.
  • STEM students will be able to build their own sensors and schedule time on the robot to gather datal.

Project Objectives 

Build a robot that will:
  • Be mission-modular
  • Operate for 4 hours
  • Enable gathering data at different depths
  • Enable gathering
  • Enable gathering data at night
  • Precision navigate up narrow streams and back down again

Recent List Items

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Find Sonar solution David 1.) Active 2.) Medium August 4, 2014 0% 
Build Quad thruster frame James 1.) Active 2.) Medium August 4, 2014 0% 
Configure Arduino motor shield to drive thrusters Ahmed 1.) Active 2.) Medium August 4, 2014 0% 
Deliver robot ready for demo Team 1.) Active 2.) Medium October 1, 2014 0% 
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Rolling Updates

  • Micro Controllers and Shields Micro controllers:We have an Arduino Mega on order as well as a couple Arduino Unos on Hand. Shields:An Adafruit motor shield is on order
    Posted Jul 29, 2014, 6:43 PM by Ahmed Abdelkhalek
  • Project Plan has been updated This is a test post
    Posted Jul 14, 2014, 8:26 AM by Ahmed Abdelkhalek
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