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Standing Committees, 2016-17

(on standby)
UFS Executive Committee Liaison: Jay Weiser, Baruch
Chair: Jochen Albrecht, GC
UFS Executive Committee Liaison: Philp Pecorino, QCC
Chair: James McElwaine, Queens
UFS Executive Committee Liaison: Hugo Fernandez, LaGuardia
Chair: Cynthia Wiseman, BMCC
UFS Executive Committee Liaison: Kathleen Barker, Medgar Evers

Board of Trustees Committees

UFS Representatives (R) and Alternates (A) (voting members)

Committee on Academic Policy, Planning and Research (CAPPR)

Karen Kaplowitz, John Jay (R), Martin Burke, Lehman (A)

Committee on Fiscal Affairs

Kay Conway, BMCC (R), John Verzani, CSI (A)

Audit Subcommittee

Kay Conway, BMCC

Investment Subcommittee

Kay Conway, BMCC

Committee on Faculty, Staff, Administration (FSA)

Kathleen Barker, Medgar Evers (R), Michael Barnhart, KCC (A)

Committee on Student Affairs and Special Programs

Emily Tai, QCC (R), Hugo Fernandez, LaGuardia (A)

Committee on Facilities, Planning and Management (CFPM)

Jay Weiser, Baruch (R), Hugo Fernandez, LaGuardia (A)

Advisory Committees

(meet regularly with relevant Vice Chancellors)

Budget Advisory

Chair: John Verzani, CSI

Legal Affairs

Chair: Jay Weiser, Baruch

Facilities Advisory

UFS Executive Committee Liaison: Jay Weiser, Baruch

Research Foundation Faculty Advisory Council (FAC)

Chair: Shirley Raps, Hunter

Enrollment Management

Chair: Michael Barnhart, KCC

Academic Policy

Chair: Martin Burke, Lehman

Technology Committees

Information Technology Steering Committee

Kay Conway (BMCC) (rep), Michael Barnhart (KCC) (alt)

Committee on Academic Technology (CAT)

Jochen Albrecht (GC), Roberta Brody, Queens, Philip Pecorino, QCC

Other University Committees

Academic Committees

Chair: Emily Tai, QCC

CUNY Baccalaureate Governance Committee (The University Committee)

Kay Conway (ex officio member)

School of Professional Studies Governing Board

LaRoi Lawton, Bronx CC
Martin Burke, Lehman
Philip Pecorino, QCC

Council of Faculty Governance Leaders (FGLs)

Chair: Kay Conway, BMCC

City University Construction Fund (CUCF)

Observers: Hugo Fernandez, LaGuardia

CUNY Legislative Action Committee (CLAC)

Kay Conway (BMCC), Philip Pecorino (QCC)

University Advisory Council on Diversity

Lisa Ellis, Baruch

Affirmative Action Coordinating Committee

Mojubaolu Okome, Brooklyn

Conflicts of Interest Committee (CUNY-wide)

Representative: Dan McCloskey, CSI

Student Affairs-Related Committees

CUNY Athletic Conference

Jane Katz, John Jay

Student Election Review Committee (SERC)

Hugo Fernandez, LaGuardia

University Student Misconduct Panel, UFS pool

Kathleen Barker, Medgar Evers
Kay Conway, BMCC
Karen Kaplowitz, John Jay
Jay Weiser, Baruch