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Quarterly Report on Faculty Diversity Now Available

posted Feb 5, 2017, 2:48 PM by Emily Tai   [ updated Feb 13, 2017, 11:38 PM by Jay Weiser ]
By Kathleen Barker 

The Board of Trustees has approved the Quarterly Report on Faculty Diversity, January 18, 2017, authored by Vice Chancellor Gloriana Waters and Dean of Recruitment, Diversity and Compliance, Dr. Arlene Torres.

The report contains four major sections and three appendices.

Part One: Assessment (Overview of Current Situation)
Part Two: Discussion of Labor Market Availability
Part Three: Moving the Needle
Part Four: Current Programs

I - CUNY Diversity and Recruitment Policy
II - Building and Augmenting Recruitment and Retention Efforts
III - Faculty Underutilization Report

The Report is data-rich and comments below are merely introductory. It is clearly written and well-presented but will take time to peruse.

The Report’s assessment of diversity presents data by campus for gender and ethnicity for 2016 (Fall) and 2015. 

In addition, the report presents University-wide full-time faculty new hires (2010-2015) by title, gender, and ethnicity in separate tables (pp. 14-15). Of special interest is the assessment of the full-time faculty hires and separations by campus and reasons (starts on page 16) with a breakdown by race/ethnicity. 

Appendix III - Faculty Underutilization Report details underutilization of certain groups by campus and disciplinary area. Shaded areas indicate underutilization when compared with labor market availability.

We will be learning more about diversity activities and strategies over the next few months.

Kathleen Barker is a Professor of Psychology at Medgar Evers College, and Vice-Chair of the University Faculty Senate. She represents the UFS on the Board of Trustees Committee on Faculty, Staff, and Administration.

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