Jay R. Masterson, Ed.D. 

Jay Masterson is beginning his 9th year as the principal of Joseph L. McCourt Middle School.  Prior to this post, he was the assistant principal for four years of the other middle school in town, North Cumberland Middle School.  While assistant principal, he was known for taking a zero tolerance stance on bullying/harassment.  Dr. Masterson started an anti-bullying task force. This task force revamped procedures, discussed programming, raised awareness, and eventually completely rewrote the district policy.  At the time of the school committee's passage, the new policy exceeded standards that were released by the Rhode Island Department of Education.  Any member of the Cumberland School Department can now report a situation right from the district website and it is addressed immediately

    Dr. Masterson was also a special educator at North Cumberland Middle School for four years.  He worked with the special education director and his colleagues to move students who were in a restrictive learning environment into the least restrictive environment.  It was a credit to the faculty and staff for the success of the shift as they educated all students to achieve high expectations regardless of their disability.  

    Finally, Dr. Masterson is surrounded by a supportive family that consists of his wife and son.  His wife works as a fellow educator.  His son is entering the 7th grade and enjoys solving math problems.  He enjoys helping others at community dinners, and providing community service.  He is a huge basketball/soccer/golf fan and actively participates in those sports.