Mrs. Patty Lambrou, Guidance Counselor 
email: patricia.lambrou@cumberlandschools.org
telephone: 401-305-3149
Welcome to the Ashton Guidance page!

Here you will be able to view the latest Guidance news, and learn about current information related to Guidance.

Game of the Week: Ashton Staff and Student Council have been trained by Playworks to ensure a fun, fair and safe recess. Students are welcome to play the game of the week every day, with staff assistance on Mondays and Student Council assistance on Tuesdays. The first Game of the Week will be Four Square. To learn the rules, click here: Four Square Video

Student of the Month and Principal's Award
Each month, every classroom teacher submits their Student of the Month and their Principal's Award recipient. At the end of the month, those students are called to the foyer to receive a charm and certificate. Also, a photo of the group is taken, to be displayed on the television monitor outside of the main office and on the bulletin board across from the cafeteria. 

Letters due to Unexcused Absenteeism, Tardiness, Early Dismissals
Per our school regulations, we are required to send out letters when a students reaches 5 and 10 days absent, and to contact the Truant Officer when a student reaches 15 (or more) days absent. Three unexcused tardies and/or early dismissals equal one unexcused absence. If a doctor's appointment is the reason for any of these, you can provide a note upon your student's return (or afterwards) to excuse these absences. Doctor's note can also be faxed to 401-334-1811. The full attendance policy can be found here: https://goo.gl/hc3bEq.

Rewarding Good Attendance: A student will win an Amazon gift card at the end of each trimester. This student will be randomly chosen from the list of students who have perfect attendance. Excused absences are allowed. In addition, each month a student with perfect attendance for that month is randomly chosen to win a prize and the grade with the highest attendance rate each month is awarded with a certificate for each classroom and an attendance paw, worth 3 paws, for every child in that grade.

RICAS: Grades 3, 4 and 5 will be taking RICAS English Language Arts: April 1 – May 3, 2019 and RICAS Mathematics: April 2 – May 24, 2019
Lost and Found: If we find something and do not know who owns it, it will be placed in lost and found. This fills a lot, so if you notice something missing, please come in and check right away. We have a LOT of items in Lost and Found. Next time you are here, please look even if you don't think something has been lost.


HELP FOR THE HOLIDAYS: We were able to help 30 families during the past holiday season, thanks to the generosity of our PTO, our local businesses, our staff and the NEARI Gingerbread Express. If at any time, there is a family in need during the year, please reach out to me at patricia.lambrou@cumberlandschools.org.

A statewide comprehensive resource - Be on the watch for a copy to be sent home soon!

BVCAP - Blackstone Valley Community Action Program - Basic Needs, Education and Employment, Housing Construction Services, Energy Conservation Services, Youth and Family Services, Senior Services
www.bvcap.org      32 Goff Ave. Pawtucket, RI

FCCP - Family Care Community Partnership - Basic Needs Assistance, Child and Family Services, Education, Employment and Training      401-235-7252     www.communitycareri.org

CLOTHES TO KIDS RI - provides new and quality used clothing to school-age students from low-income or in-crisis families in the Providence County, free of charge. Open year round, by appt. only. www.clothestokidsri.org
77 Reservoir Ave. #5  Providence, RI  401-941-8050

Cumberland Public Library: 

Lunch Bunch
Lunch Bunches are used to help students learn to interact with other students in a courteous way and to display manners with friends. If a student would like to participate, they should talk to their teacher or stop and see Mrs. Lambrou.

Please feel free to contact me with any Guidance concerns at patricia.lambrou@cumberlandschools.org or my direct line: 401-305-3149.