Class Descriptions, CDW 2018

2019 Class Descriptions COMING SOON!!!
In the meantime get a sense for the classes types of classes offered by reading through 2018 class descriptions.
ADULT PROGRAM (ages 13+)

Dance Band -Julia Weatherford We will cover plenty of important aspects of playing for dancing including musician responsibilities, tempo, rhythm and phrasing, choosing appropriate tunes, what to look for on a dance card, creating medleys,working with a caller, working with a sound technician, and of course surviving train-wrecks and bail-outs.  We will emphasize communication and support for each other within the band, playing by ear, finding a role for everyone and making it fun for all.

Plant Identification and Edibles -Jeremy Lekich In this class, we will walk through the surrounding landscape and forest and meet the diversity of wild edible plants that grow in the southeast and up the east coast. We will discuss identification techniques, preparation in the kitchen, and other fun stories and facts about the plants.

English and American Dance -Wendy Graham Settle
Wake up your body and mind with energizing and elegant American and English-style dances. 

Meddling with Medleys (Dance Band II) -Dean Herington & Mara Shea A dance medley can be much more than several tunes played in succession.  We'll explore how to shape a medley so that it's more than the sum of its parts.  Topics will include: matching the mood of the medley to that of the dance; choosing tunes that suit the mood and go well together; shaping the energy profile of the medley; being deliberate about beginnings, transitions, and endings; and investigating the role that texture can play.  We will try out ideas we discuss, so bring your instruments and some favorite tunes.  This class will be most useful to dance musicians who have good facility on their instruments.  Callers who are interested in helping the bands they work with shape dance medleys are welcome, too!

Rhythm & Song -Ellie Grace This class will explore the joyful convergence of singing and making rhythms. Drawing on body percussion traditions such as hambone and stepping, you will learn arrangements of songs that combine stomping, clapping, stepping, slapping, and other forms of rhythm-making with layers of singing. All that is required is a willingness to make music and to laugh at yourself!

Border Morris -Jim Morrison
In the English Counties bordering Wales a remarkable style of morris dancing took root during the 19th Century. Mostly a Boxing Day (December 26th) event, the dances feature exuberant stick work as well as handkerchief dances. Though none of the dance traditions survived the Second World War, many were notated by early dance collectors and a local, now international revival of the dances began about 40 years ago. We’ll learn a variety of the traditional and revival dances, focusing on gaining basic morris skills along the way. Border is immediate fun for anyone in good physical condition; no prior experience is required.

Aural Melodies -Kelsey Wells
In this workshop, we will explore the aural traditions of various folk dance musics and learn (by ear) a few tunes from places near and far. Bring your instrument, an audio recorder, and any questions you have about playing by ear - we will focus our time together around the interests and goals of the workshop participants. This workshop is geared toward folks who typically play melodies, but anyone is welcome to attend.

Dance Music for Accompaniment Players -Kendall Rogers 
A guided exploration of musical backing concepts.  Bring your instruments!  Guitars, pianos, bouzoukis, basses, … even a brake drum.  In this participation-driven workshop, we will discuss topics of rhythms, harmonies, variations, and general shaping of the tunes we play for dances.  When we’re done discussing, we’ll try out some of these ideas together. We will primarily focus on American folk dance styles, but we may venture out to other genres and explore what makes those musical traditions unique.

Cape Breton Step Dance -Ellie Grace Learn the driving rhythms and beautiful style of this percussive dance from Cape Breton Island in Canada. All of the steps will be clearly broken down into approachable pieces. You might amaze yourself with the exciting footwork you have experienced by the end of the week!

Couples Dance Intensive -Wendy Graham Settle
In-depth exploration of a dance genre. On Day 1, participants will vote for EITHER Swing (Eastcoast 6 count, 8 count, Charleston, Blues) OR Latin dance (Salsa, Cha-Cha, Merengue, Bachata). Recorded music.

Caller's Workshop/Open Mic -Wendy Graham Settle Learn to call, or hone your skills, with caller's workshops. PLUS: open mic dances with live music offers the perfect practice opportunity.

Open Band Dance
Camper Musicians take the stage to play for us! Monday get your waltz tunes in, Tuesday and Thursday accompany budding callers, Wednesday celebrate the 4th with some old time and clogging.

Paper Bag Marionette Playshop (inter-generational ages 8+) -Julia Weatherford

Each participant will build a simple but fully functional marionette character and perform in an end of the week play based on a folk song. To join this class you must be committed to at least two hours each afternoon in order to finish and participate in the show.  Most of the  materials used will be recycled. Please collect and bring: small brown paper bags (hardware store type), newspaper, colored paper, heavy wire coat hangers (two each), and colored paper (school bulletin board paper is perfect, or heavy wrapping paper). No styrofoam or plastic needed!

TEENS* (ages 13-18)
*Teens participate in the adult program through out the day, with one special teens only class offered for them.

Ahola! "Polynesian Fusion" -Marliss Kehaulani Brockington
Aloha! “Polynesian Fusion” is a class that teaches the basics of male and female dance forms and chants from the islands of Hawai’i, New Zealand, Tahiti, and Samoa. More than just a class on how to sway your hips, students will learn powerful and deep rooted cultural chants, dances and songs, and even some from Disney’s Moana. This will include making and using their own implements and gaining an appreciation for each unique culture of Polynesia. Students will ultimately be working toward a culminating Lu’au style performance. 


Mummers Play -Sarah Jo Jacobs Will it be traditions? Sure! Will it be nontraditional? Probably. Will it be a hilarious adventure with all your friends?!? Absolutley. This years mummers (what mummers play?) will be a time to learn, explore, and stretch our creative talents as far as they'll take us. 

Craft a Costume -Laurie White
Masks & Costumes from Recycled T-shirts
In this class, mummers will reveal their characters through color and design, using applique and reverse applique on recycled T-shirts to create masks and costumes for the mummer's play. Using the techniques of Natalie Chanin's Alabama stitch method, the possibilities of customization and design are endless. Students will practice some basic hand-sewing techniques. Mummers are invited to bring oversized t-shirts for upcycling. Watch the mummers all become fashion designers!
Elegance & Fun (Dance) -Chrissy Davis-Camp This class will include English Country Dance, contras, squares and singing games. Learn to call a dance with me. Tell me what you like and we will try to include it during our week together.


Make a Crankie -Kelsey Wells
A crankie is a folk art involving an illustrated scroll "cranked" through a puppet theater-sized box. Crankies can be created from loads of different art mediums and are often performed with an accompanying song or story. In this workshop, you'll learn a bit about the history of crankies, see a few finished works performed by Kelsey, and have a chance to make one (or more)!

Ready, Set, Dance! -Chrissy Davis-Camp
Join in the fun and we will all play together. Singing games, easy traditional dances and silly songs will be on the agenda for this class.

Dynamic Drama Creations -Sarah Jo Jacobs
In this class we will discover new and used creative talents through designing imaginary worlds, dress up!, character play and improve games. This class will be planned specifically for friends ages 6-8 but all are welcome. 


Young Naturalists -Susan Edwards
In this session the little nature adventurers will explore various aspects of nature each day.  One day we may be looking for life in miniature under logs, leaves, and along the creek, the next day we may be exploring the sounds of animals and bird songs, then drawing and discovering animal tracks and making some of our own, and even playing with animal puppets acting out food chains and life cycles. 

Stories and Songs -Hazel Jodock
In Stories and Songs, the children will become familiar with a number of traditional songs and singing games as well as hearing stories from a variety of cultures that introduce traditional arts such as weaving, baking and gardening. There will also be time for free outdoor play, plenty of giggles, running in the grass, and wading in the creek.

Crafts -Hazel Jodock
We will delve into some of the traditional arts we began learning about through stories and songs. We will bake bread together, plant seeds, make weavings and maybe even do a bit of sewing. At the end of the week the children will come home with some keepsake treasures they have made with their own hands,  tiny seedlings to plant in their back yards, and the seeds of songs and stories to share with their families and friends.


Skills Swap
Community lead workshops or class sessions. Could be anything!- an afternoon of games, crafting an art project, discussion on dance communities, foraging for mushrooms, slow jams, swapping clogging steps, a round of rounds, etc. Go to a pick-up class from a world class folkie and/or take a class from an 8 year old. Maybe you'll lead, maybe you'll choose your own adventure.

We come together toward the end of our day to share in song, skit, story, comedy, performance, talents, special moments, joy, harmony, readings, and.... announcements! Not to be missed. What might you share?

Community Dance
Easy, lively, fun dances for ALL ages.
On July 4th we will have a campfire gathering instead of community dance.

Evening Dance
A variety of dance forms (Contras, Squares, English, and more). Led by staff callers.

Late-Night Dancing (teens & adults)
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. Offerings TBA.

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