Class Descriptions, CDW 2017

ADULT PROGRAM (ages 13+)

Harmony Singing - Ellie Grace
Join with your community to learn a unique repertoire of folk, old country, and Americana songs in two, three, and four-part harmony. We will focus on healthy singing technique, musical style, basic concepts of harmonizing, and working as a unified whole. Most of all, we will sing! Strengthen your own voice through group singing in a supportive and joyful environment. If you need a reminder of the good in this world, there is nothing better than raising your voice in song with other kind humans.  

Nature Journaling - Jim Pfitzer
Nature Journaling makes us better observers, naturalists and writers, and opens a world of beauty and discovery. This class will split time between natural settings and the classroom. Outside, we will designate places for silent observation and specific exercises to enhance our observation skills. In the classroom, we will read from great nature writers and discuss techniques and our results.

Cool Contras & Sizzlin' Squares - Wendy Graham Settle
Get down with fun and funky contras and squares. Join Wendy for a refreshing dance workshop. We'll play with interesting and unique figures, tempos, music, moves and more! 

Dance Band - Nathan Wilson

Bring your instrument, your creativity, and enthusiasm! We’ll learn to play for dancers and improve your band skills. We’ll work with music from a variety of styles and genres including: waltzes, marches, jigs, reels, and maybe a swing tune!

All band and orchestra instruments are welcome. We’ll find a place for you. Some proficiency with your instrument is very helpful.

Writing and Calling Dances - Wendy Graham Settle
Wanted: budding dance callers and writers. Experienced callers and writers also welcome. And, we need a few dancers, too!
Always wanted to learn to call a dance or finesse your calling style? Ever wondered what goes into writing a dance or been curious how to make one better? Want to call a dance you wrote? Or maybe you just want to dance? This class is for you! 
Wendy got started as a dance caller and writer at the same time and will share her passion for both with you during this unique, do-not-miss workshop!

Appalachian Clogging - Ellie Grace
Now is your chance to get "feet-on" experience in Appalachian clogging. With each step clearly broken down and made highly approachable, everyone will learn exciting moves to take to any dance floor. Discover the joy of making music with your feet in a high-energy, supportive environment!

Tune Writing - Ben Schreiber 
Have you always wanted to write a tune but don't know where to start? Have you started writing a tune but don't know how to finish it? Have you written many tunes already, but seek to explore new strategies? Ben Schreiber, prolific tune-writer and fiddler with Uncle Farmer, covers all this and more!  
FAQ's for Tune-Writing Workshop
Q: Are instruments required?
A: No. This workshop will focus purely on tune creation - not performance, so feel free to join whether you play an instrument or not.
Q: What if I don't know how to read or write music?
A: No problem! Music writing can be a handy skill, and is very helpful when writing tunes, but not everyone knows how to do it. If you have a melody in your head, I will help you translate it to paper.
Q: What else should I bring?
A: If you play an instrument, feel free to bring it along. If you're not comfortable with writing/reading music, consider bringing a recording  device to document your progress. If you do write/read music, please bring staff paper and a writing utensil.

Storytelling & Writing - Jim Pfitzer
A workshop for storytellers of all levels from beginner to pro promises to get everybody talking. On the first day, we will discuss what participants would like to get out of the class, then Jim will sculpt the sessions around the desires of the participants. Want to learn a folk tale? We can do that! Have a story of your own you would like feedback on? Jim is happy to oblige. Wondering what makes for an effective story? We’ll cover it! What is promised is a fun and entertaining class that encourages creativity and participation in a safe and fun environment!

English, New and Old. - Drake Meadow
This workshop will include old favorites, but will focus on some of the newer dances in the English Country repertory. 

Open Stage Dance - Community
YOU bring life and leadership to this class. Take the stage and put in to practice the calling and playing skills you've been acquiring. Come, support one another- Dance! Call! and Play! 

Puppetry (kids and adults) - Sarah Jo Jacobs

Bring something to life. This Puppetry class is perfect for all ages. Puppetry is all about suspension of disbelief, and our willingness to momentarily see our own creations come to life. We will construct and work with several different kinds of puppets in the class. Bring your creative minds and get ready to have some fun.


Mummers With All The Fixin’s (2 periods) - Sarah Jo Jacobs
Our main goal in this class is to PLAY. Why else would they call it a play? This class will explore both the history of mummery  and the fun twists and turns typical of any traditional mummers production. Not only will we be working on stage but we will discover  all the aspects that make up the mummers world. Costumes and props and set oh my!

Mummers Percussive Dance - Katie Zukof
Participants will learn the basics of Appalachian clogging and enjoy dancing to the driving rhythms of live old-time music.  We will work towards performing a routine as part of the mummer's play.


Rhythm Play - Darrell Webb

Rhythm Play will focus on getting Revelers involved in making music. We’ll discuss emotional reactions to rhythms, what the music says to us, and the difference between noise and music (though we’ll make plenty of both!). We’ll learn through games and to a great beat. If you have a hand drum, feel free to bring it along!

Crafts - Nancy Meadow
During the craft hour we will roll up our sleeves and dig in to create treasures from traditional and contemporary traditions.  Along the way we will work on friendships and community.  Do you have a project you’d like to share with the class?  Let me know and I’ll see if we can include it!

Dance - Jenna Holmes Zimmerman
For the revel-some Revelers we are looking forward to dancing a variety of different country dances, several from Appalachia, some rollick-some, and some a little more smooth, as well as playparty singing games, and hopefully even a ritual dance to share with our families.

(Parents of children under 2 are welcome to attend these classes with their children or to carry them in a baby carrier to adult classes)

Stories, Songs, and Dances - Hazel Jodock
We'll gather in the morning with light play and dance, and introduce our theme for the day through stories, playparty dances, and song.

Crafts - Laurie White
We continue the theme introduced in stories as we work with our hands to create folk arts and crafts. Thoughtfully chosen crafts help kids succeed in making beautiful handicraft keepsakes.

Music Play - Meg Dedolph
Sing, move and get your sillies out in an hour of songs with Childgrove. Meet animal friends, old, new, and imaginary. Make crazy noises, do some funny dances and go for a ride on a pirate ship.

Community Dance
Easy, lively, fun dances for ALL ages.
On July 4th we will have a campfire gathering instead of community dance.

Evening Dance
A variety of dance forms (Contras, Squares, English, and more). Led by staff callers.

Late-Night Dancing (teens & adults)
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. Offerings TBA.

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