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Course DepartmentCourse Number with SectionCourse NameInstructorTextbook Required (Subject to Change)PublisherISBNPrice As New (Subject to Change)Price As Used (Subject to Change)
A+S 195-1 Math & Science Academy Nichols No Text Required  N/A N/A N/A 
A+S 295-1 Math & Science Academy Nichols No Text Required  N/A N/A N/A 
A+S 395-1 Math & Science Academy Nichols No Text Required  N/A N/A N/A 
A+S 495-1 Math & Science Academy Nichols No Text Required  N/A N/A N/A 
ACC 211-1 Principles of Accounting I Haley Accounting 24/e - eBook Cengage 9781111300432 $119.00 N/A 
ACC 311-1 Intermediate Accounting I Haley Intermediate Accounting: Principles and Analysis 2/e John Wiley and Sons 9780471737933 $163.00 N/A 
ACC 400-1 Non-Profit Accounting Haley Accounting for Governmental and Nonprofit Entities 15/e McGraw Hill 9780073379609 $202.00 N/A 
ACC 453-1 Federal Income Tax I Haley Southwestern Federal Taxation: Individual Income Taxes 2012 Edition Cengage 9781111221676  TBD N/A 
ANTH 210-All Cultural Anthropology Heifner Mirror for Humanity 7/e McGraw Hill 9780073531045 $80.00 $45.00 
ANTH 310-1 The American Indian Heifner No Text Required  N/A N/A N/A 
ANTH 475 Senior Seminar in Humanities and Social Science Heifner No Text Required  N/A N/A N/A 
ART 150-1 Studio Art 2 Dimensional Design Staff No Text Required  TBD TBD TBD 
ART 160-1 Drawing I Rose No Text Required  N/A N/A N/A 
ART 191-1 Enhancing Art Understanding Staff Living With Art 9/e McGraw Hill 9780073379203 TBD TBD 
ART 264-1 Painting I Gill No Text Required  N/A N/A N/A 
ART 310-1 Digital Imaging Monde TBD  TBD TBD TBD 
ART 312-1 Painting II Gill No Text Required  N/A N/A N/A 
ART 315-1 Painting III Gill No Text Required  N/A N/A N/A 
ART 390-1 Special Study: Neon MacNaught TBD  TBD TBD TBD 
ART 401-1 Issues in Contemporary Arts Staff TBD  TBD TBD TBD 
ART 402-1 Graphic Design Monde TBD  TBD TBD TBD 
ART 405-1 2 Diminsional Computer Illustration Fredi TBD  TBD TBD TBD 
ART 461-1 Modern Art History Gill Gardner's Art Through the Ages Vol II 13/e Cengage 9781439085813  $153.00 TBD 
ART 485-1 Painting IV Gill TBD  TBD TBD TBD 
ART 486-1 Painting V Gill TBD  TBD TBD TBD 
ART 490A-1 Art Internship Monde No Text Required  N/A N/A N/A 
ART 490B-1 Art Internship Monde No Text Required  N/A N/A N/A 
ART 490C-1 Art Internship Monde No Text Required  N/A N/A N/A 
ART 490D-1 Art Internship Monde No Text Required  N/A N/A N/A 
ART 491-1 Senior Exhibit Gill No Text Required  N/A N/A N/A 
BIO 100-All Principles of Biology Atwood Biology: Science for Life w/ Physiology 3/e with MasteringBiology Pearson 9780321742278 $140.00 $83.00 
BIO 100L-All Principles of Biology Lab Atwood No Text Required  N/A N/A N/A 
BIO 111-All General Biology Bryan Biology: The Dynamic Science Vol. I 2/e Cengage 9780538493727  $95.00 TBD 
BIO 111L-All General Biology Lab Bryan A Guide to Biology Lab 3/e Southwest Educational 9780937029015 $15.00 N/A 
BIO 203-1 Microbiology Bryan Alcamo's Fundamentals of Microbiology 9/e Jones and Bartlett 9780763762582 $177.00 $117.00 
BIO 203L-1 Microbiology Lab Bryan No Text Required  N/A N/A N/A 
BIO 213-All Human Anatomy & Physiology I Reynolds Hole's Human Anatomy and Physiology 12/e  McGraw Hill 9780077361341 $216.00 $135.00 
BIO 220-1 Medical Terminology Reynolds Medical Terminology: A Programmed Systems Approach 10/e Cengage 9781435438897 $124.00 N/A 
BIO 302-1 Genetics Cobb Genetics: Analysis & Principle 4/e McGraw Hill 9780073525280 $179.00 N/A 
BIO 302L-1 Genetics Lab Cobb No Text Required  TBD TBD TBD 
BIO 311-1 Biology Seminar Cobb No Text Required  N/A N/A N/A 
BIO 414-1 General Ecology Peterson Elements of Ecology 7/e Pearson 9780321559579 $144.00 N/A 
BIO 414L-1 General Ecology Lab Peterson No Text Required  N/A N/A N/A 
BUA 101-ALL Introduction to Business Haley/Bodkin Business w/ CengageNow 11/e - eBook Cengage 9781111473648 $89.00 N/A 
BUA 251-1 Business Communication TBD TBD  TBD TBD TBD 
BUA 300-1 Personal Financial Planning Landis Personal Finance 10/e McGraw Hill 9780073530697 $189.00 N/A 
BUA 321-1 Business Career Planning Allen Career Directions: The Path to Your Ideal Career 5/e McGraw Hill 9780073375151 $54.00 $34.00 
BUA 323-1 Purchasing Walker Purchasing: Selection and Procurement for the Hospitality Industry 8/e John Wiley and Sons 9780470290460 $78.00  
BUA 340-1 Legal Environment of Business TBD The Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business 15/e McGraw Hill 9780073377667 $198.00 $125.00 
BUA 365-1 Quantitative Methods Stumb TBD  TBD TBD TBD 
BUA 460-1 Business & Society Bodkin Business and Society: Ethics, Sustainability, and Stakeholder Management, 8/e Cengage 9780538453165  $224.00  
BUA 465-1 Decision Analysis Durham Data Analysis and Decision Making 4/e Cengage 9780538476126 $199.00 TBD 
CHEM 103-1 Fundamentals of Chemistry Pierce Response Card RF (clicker)  9781934931394 $40.00 $20.00 
CHEM 103-1 Fundamentals of Chemistry Pierce General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry: An Integrated Approach 1/e Pearson 9780805381788 $169.00 $106.00 
CHEM 103L-1 Fundamentals of Chemistry Lab Pierce No Text Required  N/A N/A N/A 
CHEM 111-1 General Chemistry I Pierce General Chemistry 4/e Pearson 9780131402836 $219.00 $137.00 
CHEM 111L-1 General Chemistry Lab Pierce No Text Required  N/A N/A N/A 
CHEM 220-1 Medical Terminology Reynolds Medical Terminology: A Programmed Systems Approach 10/e Cengage 9780131402836 $124.00 N/A 
CHEM 311-1 Organic Chemistry I Pierce Essential Organic Chemistry 1/e Pearson 9780131498587 TBD TBD 
CHEM 311L-1 Organic Chemistry I Lab Pierce No Text Required  N/A N/A N/A 
CIS 170-ALL Introduction to Computers Durham/Swisshelm New Perspectives on Microsoft Office 2010 w/ SAM 2010 2.0 Cengage 9781133221159 $149.00 N/A 
CIS 225-1 Visual Basic Programming Swisshelm Starting Out with Visual Basic 2010 5/e Pearson 9780136113409 $115.00 $72.00 
CIS 300-1 Principlaes of Information Systems Swisshelm Management Information Systems 12/e Pearson 9780132142854 $203.00 $135.00 
CIS 365-1 Decision Analysis Durham Data Analysis and Decision Making 4/e Cengage 9780538476126 $199.00 TBD 
CIS 370-1 Internet Technologies Durham Programming the World Wide Web 6/e Pearson 9780132130813 $110.00 $69.00 
CIS 380-1 Computer Networks and Data Communications Durham Computer Networks and Internets 5/e Pearson 9780136061274 $138.00 $87.00 
CRJ 111-1 Introduction to Criminal Justice Cheatham Essentials of Criminal Justice 7/e Cengage 9780538738453  $87.00 $80.00 
CRJ 210-1 Criminal Investigation Cheatham Criminal Investigation: The Art and Science 6/e Pearson 9780135060575 $118.00 $74.00 
CRJ 210-1 Criminal Investigation Cheatham Criminal Justice: A Collection of True Crime Cases 1/e Pearson 9780131745704 $15.00 $9.00 
CRJ 222-1 Corrections Staff Corrections: An Introduction 3/e Pearson 9780135060827 $114.00 $71.00 
CRJ 225-1 Juvenile Delinquency Pipitone Juvenile Delinquency: Mainstream and Crosscurrents 1/e Pearson 9780131149458 $121.00 $76.00 
CRJ 392-1 Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Markert Drugs in American Society 8/e McGraw Hill 9780078111549 TBD TBD 
CRJ 392-1 Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Markert Heavy Drinking: The Myth of Alcoholism as a Disease University of California Press 9780520067547   
CRJ 410-N Principles of Criminal Law Bean Criminal Law Today 4/e Pearson 9780135042618 $110.00 $69.00 
CRJ 412-N Fraud Examination Hayes Fraud Examination 4/e Cengage 9780538470841  $188.00 $129.00 
CRJ 421-N Introduction to Forensic Science Minor Forensic Science: From the Crime Scene to the Crime Lab 1/e Pearson 9780135158494 $133.00 $83.00 
CRJ 450-1 Practicum in Criminal Justice Cheatham No Text Required  N/A N/A N/A 
CRJ 498-1 Criminal Profiling       
ECON 241-1 Principles of Macroeconomics Melnikov Macroeconomics plus MyEconLab 10/e Pearson 9780132738699 $174.00 N/A 
ECON 300-1 Personal Finance Planning Landis Personal Finance 10/e McGraw Hill 9780073530697 $189.00 N/A 
ECON 331-1 Managerial Economics Melnikov Managerial Economics in a Global Economy 7/e Oxford University Press TBD TBD TBD 
ED 191-1 The 21st Century Classroom Shaffer The Computer as an Educational Tool 5/e Pearson 9780132433969 $110.00 $69.00 
ED 201-1 Education as a Profession Saffell-Smith Those Who Can, Teach 12/e Cengage 9780547204888  $150.00 $101.00 
ED 301-1 Strategies in Teaching Staley Methods for Teaching with MyEduLab 8/e Pearson 9780135035306 $120.00 $75.00 
ED 304-1 Strategies in Reading/Language Arts Whitaker Creating Literacy Instruction for All Students with MyEduLab 7/e Pearson 9780136100836 $144.00 $96.00 
ED 317-1 Tests & Measurements Cox Classroom Assessment 6/e Pearson 9780137002337 $90.00 $42.00 
ED 330-1 Exceptionally/Culturally Diverse Students Jenkins Exceptional Learners SVE 12/e Pearson 9780132763660 $91.00 N/A 
ED 334-1 Support for Early Childhood Learning Staley Families, Schools, and Communities 5/e Pearson 9780137035465 $96.00 TBD 
ED 432-1 Classroom Management Finch Effective Classroom Management 3/e Pearson 9780137055036 $68.00 N/A 
ED 433-1 Methods in Education  Brown Effective Instructional Strategies 2/e Sage Publications 9781412956444 101.00 N/A 
ED 433-2 Secondary Methods in Education Anderson Teaching in the Middle and Secondary Schools 9/e Pearson 9780131589742 $111.00 $70.00 
ED 434-1 School Counseling McKee No Text Required     
ED 435-All Student Teaching Finch Student Teaching and Field Experience Handbook 7/e Pearson 9780137152759 $50.00 N/A 
ENG 100-All College Writing Workshop Thompson-Spires TBD  TBD TBD TBD 
ENG 101-1 & 2 English Comp I Redmond The Good Earth Simon and Schuster 9781416500186 $6.00 N/A 
ENG 101-1 & 2 English Comp I Redmond The Longman Reader 10/e Pearson 9780205172894 $71.00 N/A 
ENG 101-3 English Comp I Hays The Hobbit Harcourt 9780618002214 $10.00 N/A 
ENG 101-5 & 6 English Comp I Pugh TBD  TBD TBD TBD 
ENG 101-7 English Comp I Rex Tom Jones: The History of a Foundling Barnes & Noble Classics 9781593080709 $6.00 N/A 
ENG 101-8 English Composition I Knight 50 Great Short Stories Random House 9780553277456 $6.00 N/A 
ENG 101-8 English Composition I Knight The Best American Essays 6/e Cengage 9781439083871 $74.00 $47.00 
ENG 101-All English Comp I All The Little Brown Handbook 11/e Pearson 9780205651719 $84.00 $51.00 
ENG 102-1 & 2 English Comp II Smith  Outliers: The Story of Success Hachette Book Group 9780316017930 $13.00 N/A 
ENG 102-All  English Comp II All Little Brown Handbook 11/e Pearson 9780205651717 $84.00 $51.00 
ENG 102-All English Comp II Smith/Harris Power Trip: The Story of America's Love Affair with Energy  Harper Collins 9780061353260 $12.00 N/A 
ENG 190-1 Print Media Workshop Rex TBD  TBD TBD TBD 
ENG 210-1 Introduction to Film Studies Redmond Film Studies: The Basics Taylor and Francis Group 9780415361392 $21.00 $13.00 
ENG 215-1 Introduction to Literature  Hays Hard Times Oxford University Press 9780199536276 $7.00 N/A 
ENG 215-1 & 3 Introduction to Literature Hays Norton Introduction to Literature 10/e WW Norton 9780393934267 $88.00 $55.00 
ENG 215-2 Introduction to Literature Redmond The Merry Wives of Windsor Oxford University Press 9780199536825   
ENG 215-2 Introduction to Literature Redmond The Story and Its Writer Compact 8/e Bedford St. Martin's 9780312596248   
ENG 215-2 Introduction to Literature Redmond Heroes, Gods and Monsters of Greek Mythology Random House 9780553259209   
ENG 215-3 Introduction to Literature Pugh Washington Square Penguin 9780451528711   
ENG 216-1/411-1/428-1 Topics: Jane Austen Rex Film Studies: The Basics Taylor and Francis Group 9780415361392   
ENG 216-1/411-1/428-1 Topics: Jane Austen Rex Persuasion Dover 9780486295558   
ENG 216-1/411-1/428-1 Topics: Jane Austen Rex Pride & Predjudice Dover 9780486284736    
ENG 216-1/411-1/428-1 Topics: Jane Austen Rex Emma Dover 9780486406480   
ENG 216-1/411-1/428-1 Topics: Jane Austen Rex Sense and Sensibility Dover 9780486290492   
ENG 216-2 Topics: American Novel Since 1950 Smith The House on Mango Street Random House 9780679734772   
ENG 216-2 Topics: American Novel Since 1950 Smith No Country for Old Men Random House 9780307387134   
ENG 216-2 Topics: American Novel Since 1950 Smith I Am One of You Forever LSU Press 9780807114100   
ENG 216-2 Topics: American Novel Since 1950 Smith Housekeeping MacMillan 9780312424091   
ENG 216-2 Topics: American Novel Since 1950 Smith A Lesson Before Dying Random House 9780375702709   
ENG 216-2 Topics: American Novel Since 1950 Smith Slaughterhouse-Five Random House 9780440180296   
ENG 216-2 Topics: American Novel Since 1950 Smith Wise Blood MacMillan 9780374530631   
ENG 216-2 Topics: American Novel Since 1950 Smith Cathcher in the Rye Hachette Book Group 9780316769174   
ENG 223-1 Introduction to Creative Writing Rex Imaginitive Writing: The Elements of the Craft 3/e Pearson 9780205750351   
ENG 300-1 Introduction to Literary Studies Smith The House of Mirth Penguin 9780451527561   
ENG 300-1 Introduction to Literary Studies Smith 100 Best-Loved Poems Dover 9780486285535    
ENG 300-1 Introduction to Literary Studies Smith A Handbook of Critical Approaches to Literature 6/e Oxford University Press 9780195394726   
ENG 321-1 British Literature I Rex Beowulf and Judith: Two Heroes University Press of America 9780761808251   
ENG 445-1 Advanced Composition and Grammar Harris Rhetorical Grammar 6/e Pearson 9780205706754   
ENG 445-1 Advanced Composition and Grammar Haris A Rhetoric for Writing Teachers 4/e Oxford University Press 9780195130454   
ENGR 365-1 Engineering Statistics Stumb TBD  TBD TBD TBD 
FIN 449-1 Business Finance Melnikov Multinational Buisiness Finance 12/e Pearson 9780136096689 $200.00 $134.00 
FSL 101-All (except H) Foundations of Scholarship and Learning Staff Foundations for Learning, 3/e Pearson 9780132318068 $38.00 N/A 
FSL 101-H Foundations of Scholarship and Learning  Hayden Asking the Right Questions: A Guide to Critical Thinking 10/e Pearson 9780205111169 $44.00 N/A 
GEOG 200-All World Regional Geography Harper Globalization and Diversity: Geography of a Changing World, 3/e Pearson 9780321651525 $123.00  
GEOG 301-1 Cultural Geography Harper The Human Mosaic 11/e W.H. Freeman 9781429214261 $138.00 $87.00 
GEOG 310-1 The American Indian Heifner No Text Required  N/A N/A N/A 
HIS 191-1 World Civilization to 1500 Bell No Textbook Required     
HIS 201-1 History of the United States I Bell No Textbook Required     
HIS 201-2 History of the United States I Inman  Celia, A Slave Harper Collins 9780380803361 $5.00 $4.00 
HIS 201-2 History of the United States I Inman  What They Fought For 1861-1865 Random House 9780385476348 $10.00 $8.00 
HIS 201-2 History of the United States I Inman The World Turned Upside Down Bedford St. Martin's 9780312083502 $17.00 $11.00 
HIS 201-2 History of the United States I  Inman Jefferson V Hamilton Bedford St. Martin's 9780312085858 $17.00 $10.00 
HIS 201-2 History of the United States I Inman  American Passages Volume II since 1865 4/e Cengage 9780547166285  $52.00 $35.00 
HIS 201-3 & 4 History of the United States I Cheathem The Emancipation Proclamation: A Brief History with Documents 7/e Bedford St. Martin's 9780312435813 $17.00  
HIS 201-3 & 4 History of the United States I Cheathem 1831: Year of the Eclipse MacMillan 9780809041190 $14.00  
HIS 201-3 & 4 History of the United States I Cheathem Documents for America's History, Volume 1, 7/e Bedford St. Martin's 9780312648626 $17.00  
HIS 201-3 & 4 History of the United States I Cheathem The Salem Witch Trials: A Brief History with Documents Bedford St. Martin's 9780312484552 $17.00  
HIS 202-1 &2 History of the United States II Inman Plunkitt of Tammany Hall Bedford St. Martin's 9780312084448 $17.00 $11.00 
HIS 202-1 & 2 History of the United States II Inman Our Hearts Fell to the Ground Bedford St. Martin's 9780312133542 $17.00  
HIS 202-1 & 2 History of the United States II Inman The 9/11 Commission Report with Related Documents Bedford St. Martin's 9780312450991 $17.00 $11.00 
HIS 202-1 & 2 History of the United States II Inman Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and the Civil Rights Struggle of the 1950s and 1960s Bedford St. Martin's 9780312395056 $17.00  
HIS 202-1 & 2 History of the United States II Inman American Passages Volume II: Since 1865, 4/e Cengage 9780547166285  $52.00  
HIS 202-N History of the United States II Pope Out of Many, Brief, 6/e Pearson 9780205010646 $104.00  
HIS 225-1 Introduction to Historical Methods Cheathem Past Imperfect: Facts, Fictions, Fraud--American History from Bancroft  Perseus 9781586484453 $16.00  
HIS 225-1 Introduction to Historical Methods Cheathem History and Historians: A Historigraphical Introduction 7/e Pearson 9780205687534 $32.00  
HIS 225-1 Introduction to Historical Methods Cheathem The Methods & Skills of History: A Practical Guide 3/e Harlan Davidson 9780882952727 $27.00  
HIS 225-1 Introduction to Historical Methods Cheathem A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations 7/e University of Chicago Press  9780226823379 $14.00  
HIS 225-1 Introduction to Historical Methods Cheathem Writing History A Guide for Students 3/e Oxford University Press 9780195337556 $22.00  
HIS 324-1 Latin American History Bell No Textbook Required     
HIS 495-E Special Topics: World War II Bell The Greatest Generation Speaks Random House 9780812975307 $11.00  
HIS 495-E Special Topics: World War II Bell Stella: One Woman's True Tale of Evil, Betrayal ad Survival in Hitler's Germany Random House 9780385471794 $14.00  
HIS 495-E Special Topics: World War II Bell Five Chimneys  Academy Chicago Publishers 9780897333764  $11.00  
HIS 495-F Special Topics: Early Modern Europe Inman The Atlantic World in the Age of Empire, 1/e Cengage 9780618061358  $51.00  
HIS 495-F Special Topics: Early Modern Europe Inman The Cheese and the Worms: The Cosmos of a Sixteenth-Century Miller John Hopkins University Press 9780801843877 $24.00  
HIS 495-F Special Topics: Early Modern Europe Inman Ancestors: The Loving Family in Old Europe Harvard University Press 9780674004849  $15.00  
HIS 495-F Special Topics: Early Modern Europe Inman The Great Cat Massacre: And Other Episodes in French Cultural History  Perseus 9780465012749 $13.00  
HIS 495-F Special Topics: Early Modern Europe Inman Louis XIV and Absolutism: A Brief Study With Documents  Bedford St. Martin's 9780312133092  $17.00  
HIS 495-F Special Topics: Early Modern Europe Inman Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe Cengage 9780618474806  $48.00  
HPER 107-1 Golf (Beginning) Deering  No Textbook Required     
HPER 108-1 Golf (Intermediate) Deering No Textbook Required     
HPER 114-1 Conditioning Thompson No Textbook Required     
HPER 116-1 Weight Lifting Thompson No Textbook Required     
HPER 150-All Lifetime Fitness Deering No Textbook Required     
HPER 200-1 Foundations of Health & PE Grindstaff Introduction to Physical Education, Exercise Science and Sport Studies McGraw Hill 9780073523781 $125.00 $82.00 
HPER 201-1 Fundamentals of Coaching  Holbrook Successful Coaching  Human Kinetics 9780736040129  $43.00  
HPER 210-1 Applied Human Anatomy and Physiology Walker Memmler’s Structure and Function of the Human Body 9/e Lippencott 9780781765954   
HPER 220-1 Physical Education Activities Walker No Textbook Required     
HPER 225-1 Strength and Conditioning Practicum I Grindstaff No Textbook Required     
HPER 227-1 Safety and First Aid  Arnold First Aid: Taking Action McGraw Hill    
HPER 230-1 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries Rogers Arnheim's Principles of Athletic Training McGraw Hill 9780073523736 $153.00  
HPER 231-1 Evaluation of Lower Extremity Injuries Rogers Examination of Musculoskeletal Injuries 3/e Human Kinetics 9780736076227 $89.00  
HPER 304-1 Organization and Administration in Athletic Training Staff TBD     
HPER 311-1 Personal and Community Heath Walker Nutrition, Health, and Safety for Young Children: Promoting Wellness with MyEduLab 1/e Pearson 9780131381209 $106.00  
HPER 316-1 Introduction to Sports Management Holbrook Contemporary Sport Management 4/e Human Kinetics 9780736081672 $90.00  
HPER 327-1 Strength and Conditioning Program Design Grindstaff Essentials of Strength & Conditioning 3/e Human Kinetics 9780736058032 $90.00 $56.00 
HPER 351-1 Clinical in Athletic Training I Johnson Sport Notes  F.A Davis 9780803618756 $31.00  
HPER 352-1/353-1 Clinical in Athletic Training II/III Arnold Orthopedic and Athletic Injury Examination Handbook 2/e F.A Davis 9780803617223 $48.00  
HPER 352-1/353-1 Clinical in Athletic Training II/III Arnold Special Tests for Orthopedic Examination 3/e SLACK 9781556427411 $45.00  
HPER 355-1 Clinical in Athletic Training V Johnson SG for Board of Certification, Inc., Entry-Level Athletic Trainer Certification Examination F.A Davis 9780803600201 $59.00  
HPER 370-1 Psycho-Socio Aspects of Movement Grindstaff Foundations of Sport & Exercise Psychology 5/e Human Kinetics 9780736083232  $100.00  
HPER 402-1 Administration in Health, Physical Education and Athletic Training Holbrook Administration & Management of Physical Education & Athletic Program Waveland Press 9781577662723 $51.00 N/A 
HPER 404-1 Rehabilitation of Athletic Injuries Johnson Therapeutic Exercise for Musculoskeletal Injuries 3/e Human Kinetics 9780736076227 $89.00 $56.00 
HPER 409-1 Facility Planning and Design in Phys. Rec and Sports Holdbrook Facility Planning and Design 12/e Sagamore Publishing 978571675439 $85.00  
HPER 411-1 Measurement and Evaluation in Human Performance Walker No Textbook Required     
HPER 421-1 Senior Seminar Holbrook No Textbook Required     
HPER 425-1 Kinesiology Stone TBD     
HPER 430-1 Senior Seminar in Athletic Training Johnson Athletic Training Exam Review 1/e Lippencott 9780781780520 $55.00  
HPER 450-1 Strength and Conditioning Practicum II Grindstaff No Textbook Required     
HPER 496-1 PE Practicum Walker No Textbook Required     
HPER 499-1 Internship Holbrook No Textbook Required     
MATH 098-All Basic Algebra Cothron Elementary and Intermediate Algebra,3/e Pearson 9780321621092 $168.00 $102.00 
MATH 110-All Mathematics for Liberal Arts Gammon Finite Mathematics & Its Applications, 10/e Pearson 9780321571892 $145.00 $90.00 
MATH 111-All College Algebra Fuller/Gammon College Algebra 6/e BVT Publishing 9781602298774 $54.00 $36.00 
MATH 121-1 Calculus I Fuller Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 7/e Cengage 9780538497909  $222.00  
MATH 321-1 Calculus III Gammon Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 7/e Cengage 9780538497909 $222.00  
MATH 331-1 Elementary Linear Algebra Fuller Elementary Linear Algebra with Applications, 9/e Pearson 9780132296540 $148.00  
MATH 451-1 Abstract Algebra Dishman Elements of Modern Algebra 7/e Cengage 9780495561361  $193.00  
MATH 495-1 Senior Project Staff No Textbook Required     
MGT 363-1 Principles of Management Landis Management 11/e Pearson 9780132163842 $216.00 $96.00 (eText) 
MGT 368-1 Human Resource Management Landis Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 2/e Pearson 9780132555906 $170.00 $96.00 (eText) 
MGT 460-1 Business and Society Bodkin Business and Society: Ethics, Sustainability, and Stakeholder Management, 8/e Cengage 9780538453165  $224.00  
MGT 490-1 Marketing Management Landis Marketing Management 14/e Pearson 9780132102926 $217.00 $96.00 (eText) 
MKT 362-1 Principles of Marketing Bodkin Principles of Marketing, 14/e Pearson 9780132167123 $217.00 $96.00 (eText) 
MKT 384-1 Personal Selling Landis  ABCs of Relationship Selling, 11/e McGraw Hill 9780073404844 $159.00  
MKT 490-1 Marketing Management  Landis Marketing Management 14/e Pearson 9780132102926 $217.00 $96.00 (eText) 
MU 129-1 Music Listening Fitzhugh Music: An Appreciation 7/e w/ ConnectPlus Music Access Card McGraw Hill 9780077440657 $106.00 N/A 
MU 133-1 Sight Singing and Ear Training 8/e Paise Music for Sight-Singing 8/e Pearson 9780205760084   
MU 142-E/F & 342-G/H/I Applied Voice Paise 26 Italian Songs and Arias: Medium High Voice Alfred Music Publishing 9780739000137    
MU 142-E/F & 342-G/H/I Applied Voice Paise 26 Italian Songs and Arias: Medium Low Voice Alfred Music Publishing 9780882849362    
MU 152/252-1 Class Piano 1 & 2 Paise Piano Lab: An Introduction to Class Piano 7/e Cengage 9780495917038    
MU 210-1 Music History Survey 1 Kilian Concise History of Western Music 4/e with Norton Recorded Anth. of Western Music WW Norton 9780393199208 $79.00 N/A 
MU 370-1 Materials & Methods for Secondary Instrumental Music Coleman Teaching Band and Orchestra: Methods and Materials 1/e GIA Publications 9781579992750 $34.00 N/A 
MU 373-1 Materials and Methods for Secondary Choral Music Paise Directing the Choral Music Program Oxford University Press 9780195132823   
NUR 210-1 Introduction to Nursing   Dosage Calculations 3/e Cengage 9781435454101 $98.00 $60.00 
NUR 210-1 Introduction to Nursing  Quick & Easy Medical Terminology 6/e Elsevier 9781437708387 $57.00 $35.00 
NUR 210-1 Introduction to Nursing  Fundamentals of Nursing V1, 2/e F.A Davis 978803622647 $67.00 $40.00 
NUR 302- Professional Nursing Foundation Staff Stedman's Medical Terminology Lippencott 9781582558165    
NUR 302- Professional Nursing Foundations Staff Understanding the Nursing Process: Concept Mapping & Care Planning Lippencott 9780781759694    
NUR 302-1 Professional Nursing Foundations  Norton Procedures Checklist for Fundamentals of Nursing 2/e F.A Davis 9780803623569 $29.00 N/A 
NUR 302-1 Professional Nursing Foundations Norton Fundamentals of Nursing VII 2/e F.A Davis 9780803622654 $59.00 $31.00 
NUR 302-L Professional Nursing Foundations Lab TBA CU Student Nurse Health Tote Pocket Nurse N/A $212.00  
NUR 314-1 Pharmacology in Nursing Morgan Pharmacology for Nursing Care 7/e Elsevier 9781416062493 $100.00 $60.00 
NUR 314-1 Pharmacology in Nursing Morgan Mosby's Drug Guide w/ 2012 update, 9/e Elsevier 9780323081047 $42.00 n/a 
NUR 316-1/316-C Community Health Nursing Posey Community/Public Health Nursing 5/e Elsevier 9781437708608 $102.00  
NUR 327-1 & 2 Health Assessment Tincher Physical Examination and Health Assessment 6/e Elsevier 9781437701517 $112.00 N/A 
NUR 327-L Health Assessment Lab Tincher Student Lab Manual for Physical Examination and Health Assessment 6/e Elsevier 9781437714456 $40.00 N/A 
NUR 342-1 Transcultural Nursing and Global Health  Carlton Healthcare Co-Ops in Uganda: Effectively Launching Micro Health Groups in African Villages The Permanente Press  9780977046317 $18.00 N/A 
NUR 372-All/372-C Adulth Health Nursing II Humes/Markie Medical-Surgical Nursing 8/e Elsevier 9780323065801 $141.00 N/A 
NUR 372-All/372-C Adult Health Nursing II Humes/Markie Pathophysiology 6/e Elsevier 9780323065849 $120.00 N/A 
NUR 372-All/372-C Adult Health Nursing II Humes/Markie Nursing Care Plan Text (Student Choice)  9780323044165 or 9780803622104 $48.00 or $52.00 $35.00 
NUR 375-1 Spirituality in Nursing Gunter TBD     
NUR 375-All Spirituality in Nursing Gunter No Text Required     
NUR 376-1 Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Gunter/Kohal Foundations of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 6/e Elsevier 9781416066675 $93.00 N/A 
NUR 376-C Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Clinical TBA Manual of Psychiatric Nursing Care Planning 4/e Elsevier 9781437717822 $40.00 N/A 
NUR 406-All Nursing in Family and Childcare Chatham Nursing Care of Children 3/e Elsevier 9781416030843 $107.00 N/A 
NUR 407-1 Nursing in Women's Health and Newborn Care Davis-Scott Maternity and Women's Health Care 10/e Elsevier 9780323074292 $109.00 N/A 
NUR 440-All Research in Nursing Staff Understanding Nursing Research 5/e Elsevier 9781437707502 $82.00 N/A 
PBADM 200-1 Introduction to Public Administration Staff Public Administration in America 10/e Cengage 9780495569404    
PBADM 320-1 Urban Affairs and Issues Staff Governing America's Urban Areas 1/e Cengage 9780155073791    
PHIL 201-All Introduction to Philosophy Caldwell Discovering Philosophy 2/e Pearson 9780132302128   
PHY 201-1 College Physics Nichols Physics 8/e John Wiley and Sons 9780470401675   
PHY 210-1 General Physics I Nichols Fundamentals of Physics 9/e John Wiley and Sons 9780470469088   
POLSC 224-1 State and Local Government Kelley Sate and Local Politics: Institution and Reform 2/e Cengage 9780495908104    
PS 100-All Physical Science Nichols The Physical Universe 14/e McGraw Hill 13 9780073512167   
PSY 201-N General Psychology Staff Think Psychology 2/e Pearson 9780132128407 $74.00  
PSY 205-1 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences Smith No Text Required     
PSY 211-1 Psychology of Human Growth & Development Staff Human Development Across the Lifespan 7/e McGraw Hill 9780073382654   
PSY 321-1 Introduction to Counseling Staff The World of the Counselor 4/e Cengage 9780840034311    
PSY 400-1 Theories of Personalities Staff Personality 8/e Cengage 9780495813965    
PSY 415-1 Psychological Testing Staff Psychological Testing: Principles, Applications, and Issues 7/e Cengage 9780495095552    
PSY 420-1 Abnormal Psychology Staff Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology 6/e Bedford St. Martin's 9781429216333   
PSY 430-1 History and Systems Smith A History of Modern Psychology 3/e John Wiley and Sons 9780470129128   
PSY 441-1 Research Methods in Psycholgy Smith Research Methods in Psychology 9/e McGraw Hill 9780078035180   
SOC 205-1 Statistics for the Social Sciences Smith      
SOC 222-1 Corrections Dunn Corrections: An Introduction 3/e Pearson 9780135060827   
SOC 223-1 Social Problems Markert Understanding Social Problems 7/e Cengage 9780495812968   
SOC 225-1 Juvenile Delinquency Pipitone uvenile Delinquency: Mainstream and Crosscurrents 1/e Pearson 9780131149458   
SOC 392-1 Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Markert Drugs in American Society 8/e McGraw Hill 9780078111549   
SOC 392-1 Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Markert Heavy Drinking: The Myth of Alcoholism as a Disease University of California Press 9780520067547   
SPAN 111/112-All Elementary Spanish I & II TBD Puntos PLUS Package for Students – (Color loose leaf print text, e-book, online WB/LM) , 8/e McGraw Hill 9780077423346  $154.00 N/A 
SPAN 113 Medical Spanish I TBD Spanish for Medical Personnel: Basic Spanish Series, 2/e Cengage 9780495902669  $83.00 N/A 
SPE 345-1 Effective Collaboration Whitiker Student Teacher to Master Teacher  Pearson 9780131173118 $93.00 $59.00 
SPEE 220-All Fundamentals of Speech Dies The Art of Public Speaking 10/e McGraw Hill 9780077306298   
THR 100-1 Introduction to Theatre Dies Theater: The Lively Art 7/e McGraw Hill 9780073382166   
THR 210-1 Essentials of Theater Production Dies Theatrical Design and Production: An Introduction to Scene Design and Construction, Lighting, Sound, Costume and Makeup 6/e McGraw Hill 9780073514192   
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