Culver Community High/Middle School One to One Initiative

"If we teach today as we taught yesterday we rob our children of tomorrow."     John Dewey

Public education continues to search for ways to prepare our nation's students to be 21st Century citizens.  This has become increasingly difficult using the 19th and 20th Century teaching strategies and resources available to us.  We are trying to prepare students for a society that has become global.  Our graduates will be required to have the kind of global skills that can be developed and perfected through the One-to-One initiative.  The One-to-One initiative is not a technology initiative.  It is an instructional initiative.  In order to fully engage and challenge today's learners, the school environment must reflect the complexity of the modern world.  A dynamic interaction must take place between the teacher and the student.  Students at C.C.H.S. and C.C.M.S. will experience a dynamic learning environment on a daily basis,and in turn, become lifelong learners and active, knowledgeable and creative citizens.

This initiative provides an Apple iPad device for each of our Culver Community High & Middle School students. One-to-One Learning Environments work best when the school owns the computer, but the student has it for educational use 24 hours a day. Having the district own the computer allows the district to control the devices’ use. Teachers and support staff need to know that the device has the expected software loaded and working, so that they can fully embrace a change in the learning environment that pervasive computing technology offers them.

Each Culver Community High & Middle School student, grades 7 through 12, will receive an Apple iPad, assigned to him or her. They will be permitted, and expected, to take their iPad home and work on assignments and projects.  Students will be able to access the Internet from their iPad and provisions will be made to accommodate students that do not have internet access in their homes. One such accommodation is a wireless signal that is accessible in the parking area in front of the high school. Students within proximity of this location will be able to download needed information to their iPad so they can access those materials stored at a later time, regardless of where they are located. Each device will have safeguards installed that will restrict student access to inappropriate sites. Activity will be monitored and inappropriate, improper or illegal use will result in the student’s loss of privileges and possible disciplinary consequences.

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Written in cooperation with Danville Community School Corporation