Welcome to CulturalIndicators.org! The data on this site has been compiled in one place to help arts managers, advocates, researchers, and decision-makers readily access information on how the city of Chicago is influenced by the presence of arts and culture in its 77 community areas.  This information has been obtained from a variety of reliable sources and is updated annually.

This data has been compiled by The Chicago Community Trust with the assistance of the City of Chicago, Arts Alliance Illinois, and with partial support provided by the Wallace Foundation through the Arts Engagement Exchange.

Recent Updates to CulturalIndicators.org

NEW     12.05.13  Chicago's Artist Workforce - data covering demographic, income, and employment sector characteristics of professional artists working within Chicago city limits

NEW     12.05.13  Chicago's Resident Artist Labor Force - geographic and demographic data regarding professional artists living in Chicago

NEW     12.04.13   Expanded downloadable dataset with new education level and language proficiency indicators on the Demographics in the City of Chicago page

11.27.13  Arts Degrees in the City of Chicago - detailed datasets covering all Chicago higher education degrees in the arts for 14 artistic disciplines from 2008 to 2011

NEW     10.21.13  Film and Media in the City of Chicago - data on film and media productions from 2006 to 2012