Slaughterhouse Flies

Slaughterhouse Flies

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Slaughterhouse Flies

Includes the tracks:

01. Japajazz Open

02. Polynesian Pleasure

03. Indian Trance

04. Leather Trousers and Sour Cream

05. Klez Kool

06. Japajazz

07. Buzz Open

08. For the Love of Jazz

09. Indian Trance (Extended Version)

10. Baby Baby, Alright (instrumental) aka Pink Slime

11. Hawaiian Beach

12. Polynesian Pleasure (Instrumental) aka Cow Luau

13. Bolivian Blossoms

14. Leather Trousers and Sour Cream (Extended Version)

15. Baby Baby, Alright

16. Cuban Conundrum

17. Rusty Rastafari

18. Love of Words

Liner Notes

"Slaughterhouse Flies" Liner Notes (Coming Soon)

Album Art

Slaughterhouse Flies - Cud Chewing Cows