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Ruminations SE

Volume Four - Ruminations SE (Special Edition)

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Volume Four - Ruminations SE (Special Edition)

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Includes the tracks: 

01. Yasmin
02. Irish Frost
03. Africa
04. Klezmer Cow
05. Bovine Bar Mitzvah
06. Istan-bull
07. AC Man
08. African Skies
09. Farmers Market
10. Didem
11. English
12. Gregorian Sphere
13. Groooovy
14. Don't Steer Me Wrong
15. Emerald Isle
16. Mad Earth
17. Smoothe Jam
18. Didem's Trance (Bonus)
19. Ballad (Bonus)
20. New Movie Score 1 (Bonus)
21. New Movie Score 2 (Bonus)
22. New Movie Score 3 (Bonus)
23. New Movie Score 4 (Bonus)
24. Playtime (Bonus)

Liner Notes

"Ruminations SE (Special Edition)" Liner Notes



Album Art

Ruminations SE (Special Edition) - Cud Chewing Cows

Ruminations SE (Special Edition) Back Cover - Cud Chewing Cows

Ruminations SE (Special Edition) CD Face - Cud Chewing Cows