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Grass Roots

Grass Roots

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Grass Roots

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Includes the tracks:

01. Hay Fever - Fièvre des foins

02. It’s a Beautiful Day (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)

03. Space Capsules (Stinger)

04. Away From You

05. Black Holes

06. Green Grass, Orange Trees

07. 60 Wonder

08. The Sloth and The Lady Bug

09. Country Trance

10. You and Me Forever Walking

11. Hey Hey

12. Melancholy Ghee

13. Herd on the Highland

14. She’s My Dog For a Day (RB)

Also includes these Bonus Tracks:

15. Uhn-ha

16. Herd on the Highland (v1)

17. She's My Dog for a Day (alt)

Liner Notes

"Grass Roots" Liner Notes

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Album Art

Grass Roots - Cud Chewing Cows

Grass Roots (Back cover) - Cud Chewing Cows

Grass Roots (CD face) - Cud Chewing Cows