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Choice Cuts

Choice Cuts

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Choice Cuts

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Includes the tracks:

01. Udderly Content
02. Blue Skies
03. The Groooove
04. Cattle Drive
05. Deep Thoughts of the Contemplative Cow
06. The Rise and Fall of the Rumen Empire
07. Rolling in Clover
08. Cowboy
09. No Flies Zone
10. To Marrow Never Knows
11. Irish Frost
12. Africa
13. Don't Steer Me Wrong
14. Bovine Bar Mitzvah
15. Didem
16. English
17. Smoothe Jam
18. African Skies
19. Istan-bull
20. Satchmoo

Liner Notes

"Choice Cuts" Liner Notes 



Album Art

Choice Cuts (front cover) - Cud Chewing Cows

Choice Cuts (Back cover) - Cud Chewing Cows

Choice Cuts (CD face) - Cud Chewing Cows