Mrs. Haigh
English Teacher
Room 4203
Email:  rhaigh@cucps.k12.va.us
School's number:  (804) 492-4212

Supplies for All Classes:
3 ring binder
flash drive (any type, any size)
blue/black pens

Class Schedule:
Dual Enrollment English 12, pd. 1
English 12, pd. 2
Planning, pd. 3
English 12, pd. 4
English 12, pd. 5
English 12, pd. 6
Dual Enrollment English 12, pd. 7

Late Work for All Classes:

All work is expected to be submitted according to the due date and instructions given unless other arrangements have been specified in advance.  Late work will be penalized and will earn a maximum of ½ credit.  Late work must be submitted immediately after its deadline to earn a maximum of ½ credit.  A deadline will be arranged with the teacher.  Toward the end of the marking period, the teacher will issue a “last call” for grades.  Make up work and late work must be submitted by this date.

Grading Scale for All Classes:

A = 90-100                              C = 70-79                                F = Below 60

B = 80-89                                D = 60-69

Evaluation System for All Classes:

Final Grade

           Papers and Projects                                                      30%


Tests and Presentations                                                 30%


Quizzes, Classroom Discussions, Online                      40%

Discussions, and Homework                         


Exam                                                                             20% of final grade

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