Cub Scout Leader Training

"Every boy deserves a trained leader"


Boy Scouts of America and Pack 99 are very committed to having adult volunteer leaders and parents trained so that, like the Scouts, they can "Be Prepared" to fill their roles, and "Do Their Best" in those roles. A variety of training courses are offered both online and live by Scouting volunteers. In addition to position-specific training, there are a number of very important training courses related to youth protection, hazardous weather and safety. 
Training is available to adults who are officially registered as adult leaders with the pack. This would be non-uniformed committee members (parents not currently serving as uniformed leaders) as well as uniformed leaders (Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, and Den Leaders). If you are not registered, please consider become registered and then taking the training. There are a lot of benefits to adult registration for a very low $15 per year cost. Much of the training listed below is available online, where you can do it on your own time and from the comfort of your home computer. To take the online training courses, you must have your BSA registration number (from your official registration card), create a My Scouting account and login. Here is the gateway starting link for all online BSA training: From here registered leaders can create a MyScouting Account, choose the training course they want to take, login and take the course.

Live training is usually scheduled on a Saturday, either half-day or full day. Occasionally, training will be a few hours on a weeknight.  For those who want to move beyond the basic level of training, advanced Wood Badge Training occupies two weekends and requires an action plan (called a “ticket”) to put learned Wood Badge skills to work in your Scouting leadership position.

Check the Gamehaven Council Training Page for updates and information on training courses. Available training courses, both online and live, include:

  • Cub Scout Leader Fast Start Training - Fast Start is designed for the brand new adult leader in a leadership position with a Cub Scout pack. It gives a brief overview of the Cub Scout program and how adult leaders are important to the success of Cub Scout Packs and their dens. There is a Fast Start program for each area of Cub Scout Leadership: Cubmaster,  Den Leader, Pack Committee, and ScoutParents Unit Coordinator.
  • Youth Protection Training - All Scouting activities require the presence of at least two adults at all times, at least one of whom must have successfully completed Youth Protection Training. This course is offered online only. It covers such questions as how to recognize child abuse, how children can resist it, and how to report it within the BSA organization (the three R's).  Youth Protection Training MUST be renewed every two years.
  • Position-Specific Training  - This is a good training course for all adults in the pack. It is strongly encouraged for all uniformed pack leaders (Cubmaster, and Asst. Cubmaster, and Den Leaders for each grade level). This training gives a leader the knowledge and skills needed for their specific leadership position. Leader Specific Training is available for the following positions in Cub Scouting:

      1. Tiger Cub leader
      2. Cub Scout (Wolf/Bear) den leader and assistant
      3. Webelos den leader and assistant
      4. Cubmaster and assistant
      5. Pack committee members
      6. Pack Trainer
  • This is Scouting!  - Leaders learn about the objectives of the Scouting program and the methods used to achieve them. They also gain a basic understanding of youth development, as well as how Scouting is organized and financed, policies related to the program, and resources to help leaders succeed. The training is for all new adult leaders.
  • Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO - Live Training) - BALOO is a one-day classroom/practical training event that introduces leaders and parents to the skills needed to plan and conduct pack outdoor activities, particularly pack camping.


Cub Scouting Adult Leader Recognition Awards. Adult Leaders at every level of Cub Scouting in Pack 99 are encouraged to complete the requirements and earn every “training knot” recognition award for which they are entitled. There are six such awards, listed below with a link to their requirements. A complete summary of all the available recognition awards, and their requirements, are listed on the Boy Scout Trail Square Knot Page.  When the award requirements are completed, the training card must be completed and turned in to the District Training Team. Awards should be presented at pack meetings, so that our Scouts see that we take personal advancement seriously

Den Leader Award: Requirements, Progress Record
Scouter Key Award: Requirements, Progress Record
Scouter Training Award: Requirements, Progress Record