Popcorn Page

Popcorn Sign-Ups (link)

Popcorn Resources:
  • Trails End Scout Resource, Training Videos, Online Sales, and more: http://www.trails-end.com/trailsend/scouts/
    • When setting up an online account, use pack number "0069" and select the pack that has "Ransome Randel Associates" as the sponsor.

Tips on Selling Popcorn:

  • Wear your uniform.
  • Walk on sidewalks and driveways, not lawns or flowers.
  • Stay outside the house, even if you are invited in. It is a Scout rule.
  • Bring with you order form and 2 pens.
  • Smile.
  • Tell your name and Scout unit.
  • Be courteous and polite.
  • Tell what the money will be used for – camp, trip, new tents, etc.
  • Know what kinds of popcorn you are selling.
  • Know when you will deliver the popcorn.
  • Say “Thank you,” even if the person does not buy anything.
  • Be aware that usually 3 out of 5 people buy popcorn. The more people you ask, the more customers you will have.
  • If a customer says, “No. We don’t eat popcorn,” suggest Trail Mix OR suggest a donation to send popcorn to our troops overseas.
Tips on Staying Safe:
  • Have an adult come with you.
  • Stay outside the house, even if you are invited in. It is a Scout rule.
  • Avoid selling after dark unless there is an adult with you.
  • Sell in pairs.
  • Walk on sidewalks, not streets (where available).
Tips on Delivering Popcorn:
  • Tape a “Thank You/ OrderPopcorn.com” card to each order.
  • Wear your uniform.
  • Have your order form and money envelope with you.
  • Collect the customer’s money and then give popcorn to your customers. If the customer has no money, say you will come back another day to deliver the popcorn.
  • Know that a check should be made payable to your unit.
  • Stay outside the house, even if you are invited in. It is a Scout rule.
  • Put money and checks in your money envelope.
  • Say “Thank you.”
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash.
  • Save your order form so you can go to the same people next year.

Show & Sell Instructions:

Pack 69 Parents here is the info for show and sell this year:

  • Dates of sale Friday, August 31st Monday & Tuesday, September 3rd and 4th. Location is the Wal-Mart in Riverdale on Route 23.
  • Time's are 2-6 pm every day first shift is better to be early then late.
  • Shifts will be 2hrs long with 2 scouts per shift.
  • All money earned on your shift will be credited to your account which means shift one 2-4 pm on Friday earns $300.00 and there are 2 scouts each scout earned $150.00 to put towards their prize level after the take order. If their were 3 scouts on shift one they would earn $100.00 each. If 4 scouts $75.00. 
  • Because last year we had I believe 2 shifts where one of the scouts showed up late its up to the parents to let me know so I can make the proper adjustment into 15 min adjustments.
  • All Scouts will wear their full uniform this includes class A shirts, Cub Scout Hat, Matching Blue Jean shorts, 
  • (Do NOT Show up in yellow/orange pants)  if they have the blue shirt or green/tan Pants/short of they are weblows and have the Boyscout shirts.
  • All Scouts and parents should be familiar with the prices and the products before they get there so they can DO THEIR BEST 
  • The proper way to sell at a show and sell is as follows:
    • Hi my name is ____ I'm form pack 69 would you like to help support the cub scouts by buying some popcorn. This format works…. Please have your scouts practice ahead of time it really does help.
  • Parents running the shift :Do not let the scouts run around and misbehave, or just go up to people and say want to buy popcorn.
  • ***POPCORN PARENTS*** you will be responsible for the popcorn that is on your shift all popcorn will be counted at the start of you shift and at the end so keep track of what you sell all money must also match.
  • Last note to the Parents, this is my last year running the popcorn. I have been doing this for 8 yrs. now, it would be wise for someone to learn how and whats involved with running the popcorn. It is our only fund raiser speaking from personal experience you do not want to be running fundraisers every month LIKE RVS school does it's not fun and takes away form the time you have to do scouting stuff. There is no one in the pack now who remembers when we only did 3 events a year and had to buy all your own stuff. Please remember all the things our popcorn sale does and supports: Helps off set the cost to the B&G dinner, Pinewood Derby, gives a credit to the sellers over $350.00 to receive $45.00 off a camping trip, Bike rally, Slot car racing, summer picnic, winter camping, a sizable donation to the parish house to offset their fuel cost, Scout Books, Class B shirts,  pins, patches, belt-loops, this stuff isn't cheap and if there is no money these will be the things that will be paid for by the parents. So please get out and do your best at the Show & Sell and take order this year.