Pack Cash Balances

The following balances are the balances of "Pack Cash".

A scout earns "Pack Cash", as a result of participating in the many Pack fundraisers, such as Popcorn Sales.  As the pack organizes fund raisers, there will be announcements made on how each scout will earn "Pack Cash" by participating in the fundraiser.

In Popcorn sale fundraiser, a scout earns 5% pack cash of his total sales (show and sell, take order, and online orders).  (Popcorn Sales is one of the main fundraisers for the pack during the scouting year — that is needed to raise money to provide the awards, campsite registrations and special yearly Pack sponsor events).

Each scout can use their "Pack Cash" for pack activities such as camping trips, the annual special trip, and annual registration, as well as purchases at the scout store.  This is a great way to participate in the program without having to pay out of your pocket.  If your scout sells popcorn, they can help offset these costs.