Dr. Matthew Green
Ordinary Professor
Department of Politics
Catholic University of America

I am a professor of politics at Catholic University, an associate fellow at the Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies, and a former president of the National Capital-Area Political Science Association My research and teaching interests include the U.S. Congress, political leadership, American elections, American political development, and the politics of the District of Columbia.

I have authored a number of books and articles in scholarly journals. My most recent book, Living in an Age of Mistrust (co-edited with Andrew Yeo), was published in 2017 with Routledge Press.  I also occasionally contribute editorials and analyses of U.S. politics in such venues as Roll Call, The Monkey Cage, and the IPR Blog.

Contact information:
Department of Politics
Catholic University of America
620 Michigan Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20064
(202) 319-5667 

Living in an Age of Mistrust: An Interdisciplinary Study of Declining Trust and How to Get it Back (Hardback) book cover
 Living in an Age of Mistrust (2017)

 Underdog Politics (2015)
 Washington 101 (2014) The Speaker of the House (2010)