Step 2

The online placement exam will be available in Blackboard between June 1 and mid-May. Below are the instructions/guidance for taking the exam.  After you have completed the exam, you can then proceed to interpret your score.

Taking the online test in Blackboard

First --- prepare!

At a minimum, review the mathematics you learned in elementary algebra, and elementary functions (including the trig, exponential and log functions). Practice some of the routine exercises. Your skills may have gotten rusty since you last took those classes, but you will need those skills when you take calculus.

Here are some links to online review resources.

Second --- read this crucial information!

The online test has two separate parts. You need to take both of them. You can take them in either order and on separate days.

We have set up the test on Blackboard so that you can take each part of the test ONLY ONCE. Also, you have to FINISH each part in ONE SESSION. You CANNOT start either part then come back to it later. So: please plan carefully to complete each part of the test in one sitting.

Blackboard should function properly with a current version of any of the major browsers (other than Internet Explorer 9 and 10). You can check this and other matters by clicking here for information.

Please note the following "DON'T DO THIS" list:

  • Don't leave the page during the test.
  • Don't use the BACK button.
  • Don't click on any other link, including Blackboard "help".
  • Don't click the SAVE button.
  • Don't click the SUBMIT button until you have finished that part of the test.

If you mistakenly do any of these, then we will have to reset your exam because Blackboard will not allow you to resume your work. Contact us if that happens.

Third --- here are the details!

Log in to Blackboard. In the CUA tab, click the Calculus Placement link under "My courses". The page will show the "Read this first" portion of the calculus test. To start either part of the test you should click the "TESTS" link at the left. The page will display links to each part of the test.

  • Each part of the test requires a separate access code. The access code for part 1 is valiant-dust. The access code for part 2 is slightest-errand.
  • You may use a calculator during the test.
  • We expect you to do the tests on your own without any aids, coaching or advice.
  • You can spend up to 90 minutes on each part of the test in one sitting.
  • To finish the test you must click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page.

Error recovery

If you interrupt the test, then you will not be able to resume. Blackboard will not save your answers. Please contact us if this error occurs.