Principal Investigator:

Dr. Xiaolong Luo

Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
G38 Pangborn Hall
Phone: 202-319-6952

Ph.D., Bioengineering, University of Maryland, 2008
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Temple Univ., 2003
B.E., Mechatronics, Zhejiang University, China, 2001

Provost Young Faculty Scholar's Award, CUA, 2017
NSF CAREER award, 2016
Kaman Excellence in Research Award, SOE, CUA, 2016
Burns Junior Faculty Fellowship, 2013

Group Pictures

Summer 2017
iBMF Lab Members/Users (12/2016)

Summer 2016
Summer 2015

PhD Students:
Piao Hu
B.S. in MSE, Jilin University
09/2016 -
Seyed Ali Rooholghodos
M.S. in ME, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
01/2017 - 

Master Students:
Thanh H. Vo
B.S. in CS
James Cook Univ. Singapore

01/2016 -
Thinh Le
B.S. in EECS

06/2016 -
Manal Alsamiri
B.S. in Biology
George Mason Univ.

11/2016 -
Benjamin Rahimi
(Co-advised with Dr. Raoub)
B.S. in BME
11/2016 - 
Christopher Rahimi (co-advised with Dr. Raub)
B.S. in BME

Undergraduate Students:
Kuanyu Li
Senior in ME
05/2015 - 
Saba Owens 
Junior in BME
05/2017 - 

Jesse Williams
Junior in ME
05/2017 - 

High School Students:

Zach Hsieh, Dematha Catholic HS, 2016/11 - 
Aaraj Vij, Sophomore at TJHSST, 2016/01 -

Former Lab Members (Degree, graduation time, immediate after):

Laurie Wei, MS in ME (expected)
Phu L.H. Pham, MS in ME (with thesis), 05/2017, CUA House
Fahad I. Jambi, MS in ME, 05/2017
Kathleen Sheridan, BS & MS in BME, 05/2017, GWU Medical School
Luis Bautista, MS in ME (with thesis), 10/2015, Primerica

Dominic Padova (co-advised with Dr. Raub), BS in BME, 05/2017, PhD student in JHU
Colleen Cahill, BS in ME, 05/2017
Alex Quicksell, BS in ME, 05/2016, Mid Atlantic Contracting
Alex Laprade, BS in ME, 05/2016, Boston Scientific
Elizabeth Coyle, BS in BME, 05/2016, MS student GIT
Dominic Renner, BS in ME, 05/2015, PhD student in GIT
Deyvid Carniel Vargas, BSMP, 2015, Bosch
Daniele De Avila, BSMP, 2015

Vishnu Murthy (2016/01-08), TJHSST

Other Short-term Students (Degree, graduation time):

Emma Needham, BS in ME, 2015
Ali Alshafai, MS & BS in ME, 2015
Yao Dejiepor, MS in ME, 2015
Frances Mackinnon, BS in ME, 2014
Jason Quisberth, BS in ME, 2014