Welcome to the HRIT Home Page, a project funded by the NEH Level II Digital Humanities Start-Up grants competition. The HRIT project is based at Loyola University Chicago's new Center for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities.

Humanities Research Infrastructure and Tools (HRIT) has the following aims:
  • to identify best practices and define principles for on-line electronic infrastructure to support scholarly collaboration on primary literary and historical texts and for tools to enhance humanities scholarship,
  • to build an on-line open-source, collaborative, robust environment, in which to aggregate, link or cross-reference, edit, and share vetted primary documentary texts--along with their scholarly enhancements, analyses, and commentaries, in the form of markup, annotation, keyword tagging, linking, etc.
  • to create an on-line Collaborative Tagging Tool (CaTT) that responds to said principles and infrastructure, enabling ordinary humanist scholars to create sophisticated scholarly electronic editions and archives in a collaborative environment.
The result will be an ecology consisting of the infrastructure, an on-line tools, and a model-vetting system.

Our initial on-line tools are available via https://code.google.com/p/hrit-php/, The work is hosted in the Loyola University Chicago Computer Science Department and its Emerging Technologies Laboratory. We also have PHP specific demos, which are currently available in the Demos category or at the hrit-php Wiki.