CTK Pakistan is under the leadership of Pastor Shahbaz John and is centered in Sahiwal.

2012 Pakistan Ministry in pics

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We just received pics showing some of the highlights of ministry in CTK Pakistan.  CTK Pakistan now has 18 lead pastors leading over 4000 Christ-followers.  Praise be to God! 

2012 CTK Pakistan Pics

Update on Pastor David

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According to
Pastor David and family (a few years ago)
Pastor Shahbaz, Pastor David is still recovering in the hospital from his gunshot wounds and subsequent surgeries.  A couple of his wounds are not healing properly yet, so please pray for them to close and heal completely.  Plans are now in motion for building a security wall around Pastor David's worship center in Okara.  This will be an important element to help the congregation and the leaders feel secure about coming to church meetings and worship services. 

Pastor David wishes to express his thanks to all who have prayed for him and generously supported him and his family through this trial.  He is anxious to regain his strength and return to his job of shepherding his congregation. 

This picture is a few years old, but shows Pastor David with his wife and children when he received his ordination.

Pastor David recovering from kidney removal

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Pastor Shahbaz sent this update to me this morning regarding Pastor David:

Greetings in His precious name and Savior Lord Jesus Christ

Hoping you will be fine and blessed; we received your kind email and we all say thanks to all our friends and families in Christ who support pastor David and His family. Now pastor David is fine but still in ICU not talk to any person. We are still in Hospital till I will talk to pastor David then back to Sahiwal. When I receive the money from you I will pay the hospital dues and also give to His family because all is for Pastor David and we never claim that we will use in mission work or any other project.  (NOTE: funds were sent to take care of Pastor David's medical bills this morning.  Thanks to all who gave at a number of CTK worship centers.)

The District police officer said that very soon they would arrest the right person because they know the person and his family. They are extremely fundamentalist and typical Islamic. We are not worried because we trust on Lord and he bless us and safe. We send letter to high Govt official to arrest the people who are involved in this case.

Pastor Shahbaz also sent me this via text last this morning:
Don't get upset with little problems because life is like a road and problems are like speed breakers! They save us from big accidents.

Thanks Shahbaz for the inspiring faith and leadership in this trying time in Pakistan.

Pastor David in critical condition

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After being shot by Pakistan Taliban members on April 22, Pastor David is undergoing emergency kidney removal surgery Sunday April 29.  Please pray for him and his family - he has 4 children.  Donations are needed to meet the spiraling medical costs.  Anyone may donate via Paypal or credit card at  Send words of encouragement to Pastor Shahbaz John at and Shahbaz will pass them on to David and his family.

CTK Pakistan pastors assailed by gunmen, snake

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Pastor Shahbaz John reported that while visiting the new CTK worship center in Sindh province, he was bitten by a snake on the ankle.  Thankfully, though this could have been fatal, Pastor Shahbaz is recovering through a series of injections to counteract the poisonous venom from the snake.  Shahbaz is still dealing with pain and facing medical bills for the treatment.

Then, following Sunday service at a Lahore worship center, an assistant pastor named David was told by a young boy that some men wanted to speak to him outside the church building.  When he went out to meet them, he found four assailants waiting for him who shot at him numerous times.  David was grazed by two bullets, and suffered two additional gunshot wounds.  He was taken to a nearby hospital, where the bullets were removed, and he is recovering though still in serious condition. 

Please pray for both of these leaders, their families, and the other believers in Pakistan.

A special offering will be collected at CTK Burlington on Sunday April 29 to help meet the medical costs resulting from both of these situations.  Donations may also be made online at  Select the "Worldwide" fund and the "Pakistan" subfund.  OR use Paypal at the CTK Pakistan site.

How a village turned to Christ from Hinduism

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Pastor Shahbaz sent this information in an email in early April, 2012, giving more information about what caused 100 families in one village to all turn to Christ.

"Hoping you will be fine and blessed; we are here fine and too much busy in the mission programs and we thanks our Lord that He uses us that we Spread the message of Gospel to the un-reached people who are still walking in the darkness. 

"In my last email I shared with you that last month I was in Sindh Province. One of our team member invited us for leading the prayer meeting in Hindu community, in the meeting with the leaders of the Village (Name) Machi Distt Badin, they shared with us that during the flood and raining days, only CTK church helped us and provide rescue and rehabilitation with the help of Govt of Pakistan disaster response department. Not only that but the team members stay in contact with us and give us teaching of Bible. After the healing and blessing of Lord Jesus Christ one day we have decided we accepted Lord Jesus Christ as our personal savior. So we talked to our village people and also visited door to door and told them the truth. Majority of the people are agreed and then we invited again CTK evangelist and he do prayer for us and also talked to us after the prayer meeting. Then we called you and invited to lead the prayer. 

"We organized the evening prayer which was going till mid night and then in the morning we all again gather and pastor Moon, Pastor Bashir and pastor Marqus give the water baptism to the families and the village itself organize the lunch for all the new born Christian people. After that we write the application and fixed the thumb aspersion and signature and submit to the District coordination officer for change their name and religion in the Govt records. We face some problem from the local community but we thank our Lord we face all the problems. Again I will go on 5th April and with the CTK prayer team and will started the church setup."

Praise be to God for this amazing change for the people in the village of Machi Distt Badin, in the Sindh province of Pakistan. 

100 families in one village turn to Jesus!

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Pastor Shahbaz John sent the following update on March 23, 2012.
I have been busy ministering in Sindh Province. The Lord uses us (CTK) and we are happy to share with you that 100 families accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior and we take initiative and appointed one pastor who teach them and also started the church there. We face lots of problems but we continue to stay in prayer and in fasting. We achieve our goal and CTK is starting new churches in new areas.  We also changed their names into the Govt record because before they were Hindu and now they are Christians. Govt of Sindh minority affairs asking many questions and create problems but the people are committed even as they face these problems. The whole village converted and its history that one village totally change and is now called a Christian village.

Dengue Virus claims CTK Pastor in Pakistan

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Flooding conditions in the Sindh province of Pakistan have led to an outbreak of Dengue Virus.  Pastor Shahbaz John reported the tragic news that one of CTK's pastors in Pakistan, Imran Masih, succumbed to the disease last week.  CTK people around the world are encouraged to pray for Pastor Imran's family and congregation as they deal with this tragic loss.

Flooding and disease hit Pakistan

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In September, flooding conditions returned to the areas of Pakistan where CTK is at work.  Pastor Shahbaz John sent word that in the province of Sindh, 2 house churches were completely washed away, and in other areas flooding ruined sound equipment and flooring in worship centers.

But in addition to the flood conditions, the people are suffering from an outbreak of Dengue Virus and skin diseases.  Shahbaz requests prayer from all CTK people around the world, and financial support to help meet the needs of so many who are suffering. 

To give support online, go to  Choose the fund "Worldwide" and the sub-fund "Pakistan".

Pakistan Flood 2011

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