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Blessed explorers Kindergarten is a child centered institution based on the principle of developing the child’s well being by offering a conducive environment for learning growth and development.

It was launched on the 4th of January 2011 after a long research by the founder who realized the need to give an opportunity to the wonderful children who are unable to acquire the so much required early childhood education.

The school is situated in Lucky Summer within the Ctk church Nairobi. We are surrounded by Dandora and Gomongo slums where majority of the residents are faced with the inability to meet the basic needs namely food, shelter and clothing. This is due to the escalating fuel and food prices, lack of employment, death and separation of parents and lack of education. Most children whose parents cannot afford the basic needs allow their children to scavenge for food in the nearby dumping site. We saw the need to offer a rescue service to these vulnerable people as a form of arrows out to the community.

The school has so far realized 20 admissions out of which 6 are orphans namely:

i)        Laura Atieno Obonyo      4years

ii)       Diana Adhiambo               5yreas

iii)     Joseph Onyango               4yrs

iv)     Domtila Akinyi                   5yrs

v)      Samson Oyoo                    4yrs

vi)     Edwin Obonyo                  6yrs

  Another five have single parents and these are:

Hakim Juma                                3yrs

Lenox Ochuka                           4yrs

Masese Ezra                               1yr

Katy atieno                                 1yr

Imanuel Onyango                    1yr






To provide a Christ centered facility where vulnerable children can get basic education in a safe and secure learning environment where their academic, spiritual, physical and emotional well being is natured and developed.


To see thousands of children embrace life joyfully with a bright future and hope


We exist to give an equal opportunity to the vulnerable children ensurering a conducive environment for learning, growth and development


Education is life


 1. Daycare:

We take care of children from the age of 3 months to 3yrs whose parents /guardians have to work the whole day but because of the low income can not afford maidservants

2. Pre-paratory School:

Blessed explorers offer a comprehensive and sequential curriculum based on the 8-4-4 syllabus detailed by the Ministry of Education. Classroom programmers are well resourced supported with carefully selected textbooks to ensure pupils realize their full potential. Besides preparing our pupils academically, we also equip them with spiritual and moral skills which will prepare them to make a worthwhile contribution to life in their various communities.

3. Feeding Programme:

After we established that most families around here can not afford three meals a day and that it would be difficult for a child who did not eat the previous day to learn on an empty stomach, we introduced a feeding program .We provide porridge at 10.00am and lunch at 12.00


1. Lack of enough space:

The school does not have enough space to build the classrooms, the kitchen and a playing ground as required by the Kenyan government. This has made it difficult to be reorganized and registered by the Education ministry and hence low intake of pupils.

2. Lack of funds to support the orphans:

Because the school is a non profitable institution ,there is a severe lack of adequate funds to support the vulnerable children and we look forward to a people and organization that can either partner with us or sponsor the children a monthly financial support to carter for their education ,food and clothing. We also look forward to people who can adopt and be forester parents of these wonderful children.

3. No steady food supply:

Due to the escalating fuel and food prices, the school has not been able to provide food as intended and people who can donate food and fiancés for the feeding programme

4. No Playing facilities:

At the moment the school does not have any playing facilities and the children feel like the school is incomplete and keep asking when they will ever have any.

 5. Not enough sleeping materials and sanitary diapers:

Because we take care of small children who need to  be kept clean  and to sleep in the afternoon we lack enough sleeping materials and look forward to people who can donate beds, mattresses and mosquito nets.


·         Acquire land for the school to allow the accommodation of the overwhelming number of children in need

·         Build well equipped classrooms and a kitchen

·         Have a health clinic to provide medical services within the school

·         Employ enough trained staff for the running of the school

·         To erect playing facilities for growth and recreation

Objectives for 2013:

·         Build an orphanage to be able to provide home for the homeless

·         Expand the clinic to provide care and counseling to those affected with H.I.V and Aids

·         Sensitize the community on the importance of girl child education and provision of sanitary towels