CTK Kenya is under the leadership of Pastor Austin Oyula and is centered in Nairobi.

Terrorist attacks causing fear in Kenya

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I just finished a phone call with Pastor Austin Oyula in which we discussed the present situation for the Christian church in Kenya.  In the past 3 months, 4 Christian churches have been the victim of bombs placed by Muslim terrorists.  So there is a good deal of fear among the Christians about going about publicly and gathering publicly for worship.  Austin said the government is asking all public meetings to have security officers and they recommend metal detectors be used at the entrance to all public meetings.  To date, no attacks have happened against CTK congregations, but the threat of violence is real. 

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Kenya, that they would be filled with courage and faith in the midst of this threat, and that they would be protected from evil.
Don Jaques
CTK International Director

Dance Amani-Message of Peace and Harmony through dance battles!

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………..Message   of Peace and Harmony through   dance   battles!


                                                Project   Title:               dance AMANI.

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                                                Project   location:       Lucky Summer Estate, Nairobi.

  Time Line:                    March, July, November    2012


Overall   Objective    

To   offer   a   dance  platform  to  contest,  sharing  and  exchange   of   artistic skills   with  an  ultimate goal   of setting   up  strong  message  of  peace  and  harmony   in  multiple   locations   in  Nairobi    and  empower  Kenyan  youth  to  overcome  perceived   stereotypes  associated  with  ethnicity  that hinder  peaceful   coexistence  in  our societies. 


Project   Venue:                               CTK Church Lucky Summer.

Project Duration:                            17th March- April 21st 2012.

 Note   of Intention


The   project  dansAMANI   is a  peace   building   dance   platform   that  entertains  and  educate  peace  and  harmony   in  our   highly   diverse  societies.   In   these  times  of  recovery  from  the evils  of  the post election violence,  when   Kenya  is   installing   desperate   measures   to   restore the  lost  faith  of  Kenyans  in  voting  processes. In   dansAMANI, local dancers  will converge in  Lucky Summer  to  share  and  contest  for  a  coveted  peace   prize .


  …dansAMANI   is a   dance   choreographic   and   contest   which   wish to   set   up platforms    in   multiple   locations   around   and   within Nairobi.  The   dansAMANI    idea   has  been   conceived   to  be  a  peace  building   dance   contest   during  the  electioneering   year  in Kenya  amid  political  campaigns . It  will  begin   by   auditions   of  various   dance  groups  to  the  first  edition   for  the   choreographic / workshops   phase  in  March-April  2012  in  Lucky Summer   Estate. 

In   dansAMANI,    professional  dance  groups    from  different   regions   of  Nairobi  will   gather  to   share   Gospel ,  talk   and   perform  to  the  Kenyan  public   in   Nairobi.   These   dance  groups   will  participate   in   interactive   workshop  sessions  and  forums  in  a   common   curriculum     to  discuss , dance  and  reflect  on  the  role   of   Kenyan   dancers   in  instilling  peace   in   communities  despite   our   ethnic  diversities  and  cultures.  The  project  dansAMANI   is   therefore a  catalytic   platform    that   encourages   and   promotes   development  of   dance   in  community  levels,  as  well   as   building    bridges  for    creative  and  artistic  interactive   engagements.  Gospel   of   Jesus   Christ   through   dance   competition forms the   main    priority   of dansAMANI project.  


Concept of the project


 DansAMANI is depicted from   a Swahili   word amani   which means peace.   Just  like  Swahili   a  widely  spoken   language  that   harmonizes   ethnic   tribes   of Kenya, dansAMANI   in  this  context, is   the  title  and  theme   of  a   dance  competition   which  explores  the  need for  a  peaceful  general  election.


Theme:  Ushenzi, Ungwana, Ujirani


Project   Objectives

  • To promote  creative  talents of youth  by  offering genre of  dance  as a  tool  for  breaking   social  evils. The  project  aims  to  empower   and   inspire  young  talented  people  to  be  peace makers  and  to leap  into  the  realm   of  a  world  without  ethnic  animosity.
  • Theme of  the dance  contest address  the  need for  harmony in our various  ethnic  diversity by challenging  young   dancers to be real custodians   of  the  memory  of  our rich   brotherhood.
  • To bring youth groups from different areas of Nairobi to build links, relationship and networks with local communities with the aim of encouraging sustainable networking and unity among dancers.
  • Promote professionalism in dance theater in the community by offering diverse styles/ways of working for future tools by the dancers.


Auditions and Selection of teams   will   be  held  at  CTK Lucky Summer church in Lucky Summer  Estate   where   participants    will   showcase   what  they  have   during  choreographic  phrase (fusion   of  dance   movements  with  choice  music/ sound   track or  scripts) .  Dancers   will  battle  it  out  for the coveted  prize   where  judges   will   give  their   verdict  for the  winning   crew,  sponsors   and   the  community  will   also  be  invited  to  watch   the  different  dance pieces  and   give  feedback.   Alongside    these  showings,   there   will   be gospel  message  on  the   topic  of:   “Peace   and  Harmony  in  our  Community” with    invited    guest/ facilitators,   to   tackle   issues   that   affect   us   as  Kenyan   public ,  dancers/artists. 

 Impact of the Project


The collaboration is designed to instill and enhance the perception of collective   responsibility in the mind of our young up-coming   dancers for the purpose of peace building.

 The dansAMANI will empower young innovative minds, and generate interest and appreciation of   dance even in the community levels.

 dansAMANI target

 -Aspiring young dancers,

- Local dance crews/ groups in   Nairobi,

-Dance makers and programmers,


Potential    Project   Donner


The CTK church will work with Mo-safi and Kenya Moja Peace groups in the management of the event. The Team will form a coordination committee with judges invited from the great Sakata dance competitions. The team will also manage the funds and report the events activities periodically. The coordination team will report the results to the CTK Kenya Board and publish this first edition results and share with other stakeholders. The program is intended to be repeated over the year until the end of election year in order to alleviate the acrimony and confusion created during the election period.





10th  March


DAY ONE  17TH March

Registration   of the different crews/ groups   and auditioning   for the first   groups to   compete in the dansAMANI.  A total   of up to   ten groups   will   be   registered   and   selected in this   phase.


                                       DAY   TWO 24th March


In this phase, groups are assigned   specific   tasks including   music in their choreographies. This premier phase groups   will battle it out in a competitive screening stage.

                                          FINALE 21st April at Lucky Summer play Ground.



Trophies are presented   to   the winning   group.

J Eagles won the day!!!!!!


Watch this space for the next episode coming in July 2012!!!


A new Leader in Nairobi

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Am a resident of NAIROBI, Ongata Rongai. I was born in western part of Kenya in a place known as VIHIGA District a small village known as Wanguru.

I did my high school and later came to the city of Nairobi joined a church and later became an evangelist. In 2003 I joined St. Paul’s theological college and did Bible and Theology (Diploma), but am willing to extend it in distance learning.


I got married in 2006 May 3rd to Roselydea Nelima, the Lord has blessed us with two sons, praise and Nick Kamadi’s.


I got saved while in high school as a forth form student, I remember  a group of singers came to our school before we sat  for examination , this group has been  popular in Kenya for  along time Christ Ambassadors, they preached to us and that’s the time I gave  my life to Christ, in this journey having seen God’s power working in my life, I came from a humble background , where no one was saved  but through my transformation it has made the whole family , my brothers and sisters to accept the Lord.


After my course I worked close with a few churches, as internship and practical training, until 2007 when I was employed with a ministry called VINEYARD CHURCHES OF KENYA. I worked as a senior pastor and that developed a strong passion to serve in the ministry, when my contract  of three years ended , I didn’t  renew  but God  gave  me a strong calling of opening a church. I began to work on it with passion; I began with a small group of fellowship and that’s where we are up to now from May this year.



v  Finding a place where we will officially operate as C.T.K .worship center.

v  Preaching, teaching the word  without compromise

v  Going for the new souls every day to bring them to King Jesus for a transformation

v  Committing my self as a Pastor to nurture the church to maturity levels.

v  To work with C.T.K Network to make the matters of the kingdom realized, with the community.

Kenya at War:

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I post this to seek your prayers for our country and also reassure you that so far non of our members have been affected. We are all on the alert and believe that it will be well.You may be aware that Kenya sits in a volatile Great lake region of Africa. We neighbor Southern Sudan in the North and have done our best to broker peace and reconciliation in that he nation as well as support thousands of Sudan refugees in Kenya over the years of their civil war. Thank God that that the nation is finally free. However, we are still supporting them in many ways as they stabilize.

Then, we neighbor Somalia to the East, a nation that has been at civil unrest for many years. Thousands of Somali refugees pour into Kenya every day, and hosting them is no small feat. However, of late, we’ve had encroachment into our territory by Al Shabab militia with kidnappings of two tourists at the Kenya Coast and two aid workers from the Somali refugee camps. For this reason, Kenya has pursued Al Shabab militia into Somali. We thank God that we have the support of the Somali government. Pray for our army and our people for God’s safety and protection.   

For more updates read the following link :


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P.O.BOX 64033-00620




Blessed explorers Kindergarten is a child centered institution based on the principle of developing the child’s well being by offering a conducive environment for learning growth and development.

It was launched on the 4th of January 2011 after a long research by the founder who realized the need to give an opportunity to the wonderful children who are unable to acquire the so much required early childhood education.

The school is situated in Lucky Summer within the Ctk church Nairobi. We are surrounded by Dandora and Gomongo slums where majority of the residents are faced with the inability to meet the basic needs namely food, shelter and clothing. This is due to the escalating fuel and food prices, lack of employment, death and separation of parents and lack of education. Most children whose parents cannot afford the basic needs allow their children to scavenge for food in the nearby dumping site. We saw the need to offer a rescue service to these vulnerable people as a form of arrows out to the community.

The school has so far realized 20 admissions out of which 6 are orphans namely:

i)        Laura Atieno Obonyo      4years

ii)       Diana Adhiambo               5yreas

iii)     Joseph Onyango               4yrs

iv)     Domtila Akinyi                   5yrs

v)      Samson Oyoo                    4yrs

vi)     Edwin Obonyo                  6yrs

  Another five have single parents and these are:

Hakim Juma                                3yrs

Lenox Ochuka                           4yrs

Masese Ezra                               1yr

Katy atieno                                 1yr

Imanuel Onyango                    1yr






To provide a Christ centered facility where vulnerable children can get basic education in a safe and secure learning environment where their academic, spiritual, physical and emotional well being is natured and developed.


To see thousands of children embrace life joyfully with a bright future and hope


We exist to give an equal opportunity to the vulnerable children ensurering a conducive environment for learning, growth and development


Education is life


 1. Daycare:

We take care of children from the age of 3 months to 3yrs whose parents /guardians have to work the whole day but because of the low income can not afford maidservants

2. Pre-paratory School:

Blessed explorers offer a comprehensive and sequential curriculum based on the 8-4-4 syllabus detailed by the Ministry of Education. Classroom programmers are well resourced supported with carefully selected textbooks to ensure pupils realize their full potential. Besides preparing our pupils academically, we also equip them with spiritual and moral skills which will prepare them to make a worthwhile contribution to life in their various communities.

3. Feeding Programme:

After we established that most families around here can not afford three meals a day and that it would be difficult for a child who did not eat the previous day to learn on an empty stomach, we introduced a feeding program .We provide porridge at 10.00am and lunch at 12.00


1. Lack of enough space:

The school does not have enough space to build the classrooms, the kitchen and a playing ground as required by the Kenyan government. This has made it difficult to be reorganized and registered by the Education ministry and hence low intake of pupils.

2. Lack of funds to support the orphans:

Because the school is a non profitable institution ,there is a severe lack of adequate funds to support the vulnerable children and we look forward to a people and organization that can either partner with us or sponsor the children a monthly financial support to carter for their education ,food and clothing. We also look forward to people who can adopt and be forester parents of these wonderful children.

3. No steady food supply:

Due to the escalating fuel and food prices, the school has not been able to provide food as intended and people who can donate food and fiancés for the feeding programme

4. No Playing facilities:

At the moment the school does not have any playing facilities and the children feel like the school is incomplete and keep asking when they will ever have any.

 5. Not enough sleeping materials and sanitary diapers:

Because we take care of small children who need to  be kept clean  and to sleep in the afternoon we lack enough sleeping materials and look forward to people who can donate beds, mattresses and mosquito nets.


·         Acquire land for the school to allow the accommodation of the overwhelming number of children in need

·         Build well equipped classrooms and a kitchen

·         Have a health clinic to provide medical services within the school

·         Employ enough trained staff for the running of the school

·         To erect playing facilities for growth and recreation

Objectives for 2013:

·         Build an orphanage to be able to provide home for the homeless

·         Expand the clinic to provide care and counseling to those affected with H.I.V and Aids

·         Sensitize the community on the importance of girl child education and provision of sanitary towels

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