This terms Charism for Christ the King Catholic School is Love and Service. We are inquiring about what this means by inquiry into "paying it forward" and "unsung heros". Is there anyone you know who is an unsung hero? What makes them so?
How can you quietly "pay it forward"?
As a disciple of Jesus can you find any scripture to support what we are learning?

Respect (Term 1)

What does respect mean to you?

Dear God, 
Thank you for words.
Help us to use them well:
to say them clearly;
to write them carefully;
to spell them correctly;
and, most importantly
to communicate them effectively.

May we learn to use our words well now 
so that all through our lives
 we will be better able to work
for what is right and honest.

Prayer for Students


Father of Light and Wisdom,

thank you for giving me

a mind that can know

and a heart that can love.

Help me to keep learning every day of my life--

no matter what the subject may be.

Let me be convinced that all knowledge leads to you

and let me know how to find you and love you

in all the things you have made.

Encourage me when the studies are difficult

and when I am tempted to give up

Enlighten me when my brain is slow

and help me to grasp the truth held out to me.

Grant me the grace to put my knowledge to use

in building the kingdom of God on earth

so that I may enter the kingdom of God in heaven.