Welcome Parents and Students! 

Dear Parents and students,
What a privilege it is that CTK offers the students Art Masterpiece for all grades (K-8) taught by one teacher!  Art Masterpiece is a 50 minute class taught two times per month on Mondays for the K-5th grades with art projects done only at school, but the 6th-8th graders get Art Masterpiece once a month, with the expectation that art projects are completed at home and returned back to school on the due date! Students in 3rd-8th receive Art grades for their art project and quizzes/tests.  

What is ART MASTERPIECE? And WHY Art Masterpiece versus just doing art projects or crafts. 
      So eloquently stated by the Carlson School District which explains what Art Masterpiece is all about:
     "Art Masterpiece is a national art enrichment program that uses reproductions of fine works of art to promote art literacy in elementary school age children. The purpose is not to teach specific art/craft techniques, but rather to increase the child's awareness of art. Elements of art and principles of design are introduced in fun ways that the children can easily grasp. During a (50) minute Art Masterpiece session, students will learn about a carefully selected artist, their contribution to the art world; study a specific piece of artwork by that artist and then create their own artwork based on the principles they have learned. Why is art education important?  Studies prove that art enhances a   child’s overall education. Art encourages cognitive, analytical and creative thinking skills. It strengthens physical coordination, and develops self-discipline. As children increase their awareness of art, they are more able to recognize, interpret and value the art they encounter in their everyday world."1

PARENT VOLUNTEERS  ARE NEEDED for grades K-5th on a bimonthly basis!  Sign up through the CTK SIGN UP GENIUS ART MASTERPIECE! 

I also need 2 volunteers/grade (K-8th)  for the ART SHOW in early May!  Please contact me to help:  plooker@ctk-catholicschool.org. 


K-8th:  Bring a home made portfolio (see below) and an old t-shirt to protect their clothing and... 
for 6th-8th grades, students will need to get a few extra  art supplies from their "Home Room School Supply List" from their  teacher.  The art supplies are not optional. 

Bring t-shirt, portfolio, and (art supplies) to the 1st day of school! 
To make an easy paper bag art portfolio, clink on link below: 

Please DO NOT make PORTFOLIO smaller than 14"x19" or larger than 14"x20".  You can get the paper grocery bags with handles from Trader Joe's, Sprouts, or Whole Foods.  Students may reuse the art portfolio from last year as long as it is NOT TORN or has the right dimensions above!  
       Please DO NOT bring in a GIFT BAG---they are too wide and bulky on the bottom and usually not the right size.

Check out 2015-2016 collaborative art created by grades 3-5 (Create in God's Image) and K-2 (We are Each Unique and Beautiful, but Together We Are God's Masterpiece) in the school hallway near the computer lab!  

See you soon! Now let us go create in God's image!  ~Mrs. Looker