SCIENCE CLUB - "The Wizards of AAHS"

Mission Statement

The AAHS Science Club strives to offer competitive academic opportunities in the fields of biology, chemistry, and physics to the AAHS student body.  We intend to foster interest in science by expanding our knowledge through study, discussion and collaboration. Our club endeavors include student-run demonstrations, participation in STEM activities,  promoting attendance at free and available lecture opportunities, and providing community outreach services promoting the sciences.  Club members are recognized for their academic interests, community service and leadership achievements.

Executive Board Membership:

Executive Board Job Descriptions are attached at the bottom of this webpage

2019-2020: Executive Board - Mr. Amin (President), Mr. Buzzetta (Vice President), Ms. Rahman (Secretary), Ms. Bajwa (Public Relations Officer), Mr. Tang (Competition Coordinator)

2018-2019: Executive Board - Mr. Dressner (President), Mr. Moscardelli (Vice President), Mr. Amin (Secretary), Mr. O'Hare (Public Relations Officer), Ms. Khan (Competition Coordinator)

2017-2018: Executive Board - Ms. Sathya (President), Mr. Dressner (Vice President), Mr. Moscardelli (Secretary), Mr. O'Hare (Public Relations Officer), Ms. Khan (Competition Coordinator)

2016-2017: Executive Board - Ms. Fezza (Class of 2017) & Mr. Rahman (Class of 2017) (Co-Presidents), Ms. Sathya (Vice President), Mr. Moscardelli (Recorder), Mr. O'Hare (Public Relations Officer & Historian), Mr. Dressner (NJ Makers' Day Committee Chair)

2015-2016: Executive Board - Mr. Rahman (co-moderator) & Mr. Muralidharan (Class of 206) (co-moderator), Ms. Sathya (recorder), Ms. Koslowski & Ms. Scott (Public Relations), Ms. Fezza (Historian), Ms. Ahmed (NJ Makers' Day Committee Chair)

2014-2015: Executive Board - Mr. Qian (co-moderator), Mr. Yerrabelli (co-moderator), Ms. Fezza (recorder), Mr. Baimeedi (public relations), Mr. Muralidharan (historian), Ms. Ahmed (NJ Makers' Day Committee Chair)

2013-2014: Executive Board - Mr. Baimeedi (Class of 2015),  Mr. Chiang (Class of 2015), Mr. Qian (Class of 2015), Mr. Yerrabelli (Class of 2015)

Advisor: Ms. Reilly

Meeting times: 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month, 11:00 am.

                             Competitions occur after school starting in January.

(Transportation to a competition, when necessary, will be the responsibility of the student.)

Meeting location: Rm. 134, the Chemistry Lab or Rm. 136, the Biology Lab

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Science Club Photos!

Examination Competitions:

All AAHS students are welcome to participate.

When registering be sure to sign up under the school name:

"Monmouth County Academy of Allied Health & Science" Neptune, NJ.


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