Computer & Business Applications

Shop Instructor: Suzanne Marra Training CTE Academic Instructors: Rosanne Primavera & Daniel Malloy

The Computer and Business Applications (CBA) program is designed to introduce students to pre-employment computer and business skills. Instruction is given to prepare the student to the responsibilities in a business office. Students learn how to touch type, format, and print business documents by using Dell personal computers. They use Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as well as graphics programs. They will also use and maintain a photocopy machine, digital cameras, scanners, projectors, external memory devices and troubleshoot problems. They learn financial skills while using the calculator, spreadsheet software and practice daily business procedures such as creating documents, filing, taking and delivering messages, organizing workstations, and greeting callers. Entry level graphic design and formatting are also included in this class. In the training program, computerized graphics, images, and digital photographs are configured, edited and saved in proper formats and used in documents and publications. Business etiquette and professionalism is stressed throughout the Computer and Business Applications program.

CBA curriculum includes:

  • Hardware and software identification
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Create documents using graphics
  • Identify forms of businesses
  • Use of business calculators
  • Job assignment aligned with actual positions in businesses
  • Internet safety
  • Financial literacy including basic banking functions
  • Workplace Readiness

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