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Thank you for visiting our class Website. Please visit often to get the latest news and information on what is happening in our class. If you have any questions about our program or progress please don't hesitate to contact me! I am looking forward to working with you this year!

 Homework Information:  All homework (as well as activities and each Chapter test) is assigned 6 to 7 days in advance, thus late homework will not be accepted. Homework is expected to be completed if the student was absent on the day prior to due date.               If a student is absent 2 or more days prior to an assignment due date, then accommodations will occur.

Follow this link to a Study Methods power-point that I have created....  StudyMethods.ppt   

this file may have some helpful ideas to aid in improving a student's preparation for testing

"Dear 16 year old me.":melanoma message for all: 

Reader's Digest 13 things your teacher won't tell you link: 

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