We're Going Live on August 1

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MyCSUMB has undergone a major revision to its software and interface:
  • June - beta version available
  • July - begin usability testing
  • August 1 - release as a production site


What Happens on August 1?
  • We will move the new site to the old address of my.csumb.edu.
  • We will migrate the highest level public groups.
  • You can begin migrating your public and private groups, as needed.
  • Use email delegation for your generic addresses (e.g. hcom@csumb.edu).


Visit the MyCSUMB 3 Beta group and submit an Idea.

Version 3?

  • Version 1 was internal to IT in the Fall of 2008 and was used for the beta test of Google Apps in the Spring of 2009.
  • Version 2 is what we've currently used since we moved to Google Apps in June 2009.
  • This upgrade represents the third major change to MyCSUMB.