Principles to remember
  • there is a difference between a "platform" and a "database"
    • platform = "floor"
    • database = "content"
  • as with all searching, the goal is to cull what you need/want from the database and exclude what you don't want
  • be patient--searching takes time
  • if at first you don't find what you want, try these tips:
    • too many results?
      • add terms
      • reduce the time frame
      • select an appropriate limiter from the options below the search boxes
    • too few results?
      • prioritize your terms and remove either the least important or any modifiers you may have used (when in doubt, stick to nouns)
      • expand your time frame
      • remove any limiters you may have checked, unless they are critical to your requirements (e.g., if your professor asks for scholarly/peer reviewed journals only, there's no point in removing that limiter)
Databases discussed on September 30, 2010

Academic Search Premier
  • a general database on the EBSCO platform
  • this is an index that also includes full text (some PDF; some HTML)
ProQuest Newspapers
Ethnic Newswatch
  • these are newspaper databases
  • ProQuest Newspapers carries mainstream newspapers from around the world
  • Ethnic Newswatch carries diverse newspapers from the United States
  • these databases contain high quality, full text PDFs of journals
  • if a journal is included in the database, the full run is included from v.1, issue 1
  • the "embargo" period for copyright reasons is 3-5 years, depending on the journal