Go to the Catalog.

Search choices should be clear; however, some key features to note:

Subject headings are the gold nuggets of the catalog!
  • use natural language to start
  • among the results, find the titles closest to what you want
  • open the full record and click on the subject headings to take you into the subject heading index (structured language)
  • you may get fewer results, but they will be on target
Call numbers
  • read a call number line by line
  • each line fits into the section above it
  • the "point" in the call number is a decimal point, e.g., .S66 falls between .S6 and .S7

Electronic books
  • these should open from the full record when you "Click on the following to Connect to this electronic book"
  • when you are off campus, you will need to login with your net ID and password
  • if the book is listed as "on the shelf," you must use the copy at Cal State East Bay
  • if we do not have the specific title you want or it's on hold, lost, missing, etc., you may "Repeat search in LINK+" and try to borrow it from another library in our consortium. 
Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
  • you will use this primarily for articles, although it is possible to borrow books as well (if they are not available through LINK+)
  • you first need to set up your account with your net ID and password